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Here we present press releases sent from SLU.

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Cow urine scent halted malaria's progress

In a new scientific paper in the journal BMC Medicine, a research team from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) describes how scent from cow urine helped reduce the spread of

Unique landscape experiment for sustainable food production and biodiversity

The Kamprad family's foundation finances a new project at the Swedish University of Agriculture's research facility,Lövsta outside Uppsala. The project focuses on the reintegration of crop production

Skanning efter märkt laxfisk avslöjar skarvens födoval

Bird predation – that is to be consumed by a predatory bird such as Great Cormorant – is a prevailing threat for a young salmonid as it migrates from its nursery habitats in freshwaters to a life in

Multiple benefits in locally managed tropical forest commons

Research published in Nature Climate Change, with sites in 15 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, shows that forests where rural and Indigenous peoples have formal control and substantive

New map of 20th century land use in Britain helps researchers de-mystify biodiversity change

A collaboration led by Northumbria University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has for the first time mapped how land use changed across Britain throughout the last century. The

Loss of plant biodiversity can reduce soil carbon sequestration in grasslands

One third of the global terrestrial carbon stock is stored in grasslands. A new global study implies that this stock may decrease as plant biodiversity is reduced, especially in warm and arid areas.

Aspen trees exposed to repetitive flexing grew faster

The sight of trees swaying in the wind has captivated the imagination of artists and nature enthusiasts. However, for the trees themselves, this continuous mechanical stimulation can be a source of

Lectures by SLU´s new honorary doctors, 2023

SLU would like to welcome anyone interested in attending the lectures being held by SLU’s new honorary doctors on Friday 6 October in Uppsala. These lectures will provide exciting insights into

Big Old Fat Fecund Females

Big Old Fat Fecund Female (BOFFF) fish play a key role in the productivity and recovery of exploited fish stocks. Larger and older fish contribute disproportionately to spawning, they are more

Geoffrey Daniel, Lotta Berg and Jonas Hentati Sundberg to receive Medals for Distinguished Service

Each year, SLU awards three Medals for Distinguished Service. The first medals were awarded in 2010 following a decision taken by the SLU Board in April 2009. The recipients for 2023 are Professor

High methane emissions from northern rivers and streams

Freshwaters account for half of global emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. But among freshwaters, the role of rivers and streams in the methane cycle has

Från tidigare vårar till vilda fluktuationer i Arktis

In 2007 researchers at Zackenberg in high-arctic Greenland reported some of the fastest rates of spring advancement ever observed on the globe. After some 15 years, these researchers now revisit the