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The main part of the Faculty of Forest Sciences and the Department of Agriculture for Northertn Sweden are located at SLU Umeå.

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Workshop towards harmonized forest monitoring and reporting

February sees SLU hosting an international workshop focusing on future EU-wide forest monitoring. On February 1 through 2, SLU will host an international event at campus Ultuna in Uppsala. The

About NJV

The department is organised jointly between the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH) and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (NJ). Research and education are

Dissertation Sima Mohtashami

GIS-based decision support systems to minimise soil impacts in logging operations charlotta.bergstrom@slu.se Sima Mohtashami defends her thesis "GIS-based decision support systems to minimise soil

Seed money call for interdisciplinary research

To strengthen interdisciplinary research, Future Forests is launching a seed money call in subjects related to forest sciences and sustainable forestry development. What can you apply for? Short-term


This popular course, first offered in 2018 (when it received the best PhD course prize from SLU), and then 2019, online in 2021 and again fully online in 2022. The course aims to provide

Dissertation Lufunyo Lulandala

Land use change, tree cover, and livestock in miombo woodlands : interacting effects on soil carbon and hydrological properties charlotta.bergstrom@slu.se Lufunyo Lulandala defends his thesis "Land


Here you will find publications published by the Department of Forest Resource Management. You can find more publications from us at SLUpub. Press the green button below to go there.

Forestry and Sustainable Development

PhD course: Forestry and Sustainable Development dimitris.athanassiadis@slu.se Forest resources, play a key role in achieving national and EU energy policy objectives. Sweden has committed to a net

Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife

Campus Umeå SLU’s campus in Umeå is an inspiring and picturesque learning environment. Surrounded by deep green forests, scenic parks and clear, blue lakes, it is easy to see why Umeå is the fastest

UPSC Seminarium med Andrew Friend & Kaisa Nieminen

UPSC Seminar with Kaisa Nieminen anne.honsel@slu.se Novel prospects for birch genetics and breeding 9:00 Kaisa Nieminen Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme, University of

Professorial inauguration SLU Alnarp 2023

Professorial inauguration SLU Alnarp 2023 helena.pennlov.smedberg@uppsala.se New professors at SLU Alnarp will be inaugurated at a ceremony on Friday, 12 May. Alnarp The academy stewards,

Professorial inauguration SLU Uppsala

Professorial inauguration, SLU Uppsala 2023 helena.pennlov,smedberg@slu.se New professors at SLU Uppsala will be inaugurated at a ceremony on Friday, 17 March. Uppsala The academy stewards,