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The main part of the Faculty of Forest Sciences and the Department of Agriculture for Northertn Sweden are located at SLU Umeå.

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Welcome ceremony for all new programme students autumn 2024

utb-webb@slu.se Welcome to SLU! The roll-call day begins with a joint welcome ceremony for all new programme students. After the welcome ceremony, each programme proceeds to a separate room where

Plant cell wall research opens up new opportunities for bioengineering

Secondary cell walls provide the plant with stability and protection against damage and pathogens. PhD student Félix Barbut from Ewa Mellerowicz’s group at UPSC and SLU has been studying the role of


Here you will find publications published by the Department of Forest Resource Management. You can find more publications from the department at SLU's publication database, SLUpub.

Environmental monitoring

The environmental monitoring task means that SLU should follow changes in the environment’s condition, evaluate problems, and provide a basis of information for the sustainable use of natural


Research at the department is focused on multilateral cooperation combining expertise from our many research groups. This gives unique possibilities for creating holistic solutions for the

Undergraduate and Master's Studies

Our department provides courses in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Technology (GIT), Forest Inventory, Forest Panning, Forest Mathematical Statistics and Organization and Leadership. You

About us

Our vision: We lead in the advancement of knowledge and in the development of effective processes for the sustainable development of natural resources, are the sector's natural choice for

Annual Report

Annual Report emma.sandstrom@slu.se Annual Report 2023 Annual Report 2022 Annual Report 2021 Annual Report 2020 Annual Report 2019 Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2017 Annual Report 2016 Annual


SLU Umeå is located at the same campus area as Umeå University and you can find the Department of Forest Resource Management at the first and second floor in the south west corner of the SLU building

Climate Conversation for SLU employees and students

How can we produce food throughout Sweden in the shadow of climate change? futurefood@slu.se We welcome researchers, other staff and students at SLU to this internal webinar within SLU's series of

Doctoral award ceremony 2024

Doctoral award ceremony 2024 helena.pennlov@slu.se The doctoral award ceremony will take place on Saturday 5 October. A number of new doctors and jubilee doctors as well as 6 honorary doctors will

Focus on Forests: Interdisciplinary Workshop for Early Career Researchers

henrik.j.persson@slu.se Workshop on interdisciplinary research projects with a focus on forest and the forest sector, specially designed for early-career researchers. Major funding bodies are