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SLU´s main campus is Ultuna, six kilometres south of Uppsala. This is where you find the Vice-Chancellor´s office and most of the administration. The Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science are also located at Campus Ultuna. Many of SLU's degree programmes take place here.

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NordCAW seminar on horse welfare

NordCAW seminar on horse welfare elin.spangenberg@slu.se Welcome to the NordCAW seminar on Horse Welfare in relation to the use of horses in equestrian sport. Equestrian sports engage many

ET Docent lectures Autumn 2023

Dalia Abdelfattah and Claudia von Brömssen are having their docent lectures on the 3rd of October 2023. Congratulations to our very Dalia Abdelfattah, from the Agricultural engineering group, and

Docent Lecture NJ

Docent Lecture: Seeing the unseen - Environmental Communication and researching sustainability transformations in forests anni.hoffren@slu.se PhD Stina Powell gives her Docent lecture in the

Fruit tree-based agroforestry on sloping uplands yield higher harvests

On Friday, Hung Van Do will defend his doctoral thesis. He has demonstrated that it is possible to increase yields and profitability in highland farming areas in northwest Vietnam if farmers adopt a

Seminar on agroforestry, intercropping and soil and water conservation

lisa.beste@slu.se Warm welcome to the first VPE seminar after the summer break. This seminar is in connection with the PhD dissertation of Hung Do Van with the thesis title "Fruit tree


Seminar: Current global viral diseases in Swine cgd@slu.se In connection to the dissertation of Hedvig Stenberg, the SLU Committee for Global Animal Diseases invites you to a seminar entitled “

nj-docent eng

Welcome to the Autumn Docent Lectures at the NJ-faculty ew-red@slu.se Place: Studio Ultuna, Undervisningshuset, 10 Almas allé. The lectures will be live-streamed. Click here. It will start a few

Matlab Workshop at ET - a success!

A workshop about MATLAB was successfully conducted on September as one of the activities provided by the research school of Sustainable systems for food, energy and biomaterials (SSFEB)- SLU. The

Diss Ludwig Ermann Lundberg

An exploratory journey into probiotic interactions - Bioactive properties of Limosilactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium longum charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Ludwig Ermann Lundberg defends his

Lic Daniel Malnes

Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Swedish Freshwater Environments: Sources, Occurrence, and Impacts charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Daniel Malnes defends his Licentiat thesis "Contaminants of

Meeting for the authors of the Nordic CCF book

Meeting for the authors of the Nordic CCF book futureforests@slu.se This is a meeting open for registrations from authors in the SNS-funded collaboration on CCF methods in the Nordic countries.

Worth Knowing: How to diagnose and cure osteoarthritis in the future?

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se What does the future of osteoarthritis treatment look like? Eva Skiöldebrand, professor at the Department of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health, tells us more