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Environmental monitoring and assessment

SLU has a unique role among Swedish universities through its commission to perform environmental monitoring and assessment. This is based on society's needs, as expressed in national environmental targets, international commitments and the overall objective of long-term sustainable development.

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SLU participation in Hack for Sweden

Hack for Sweden is an innovation competition with the aim of meeting societal challenges by using open data digitally. SLU has been part in co-organizing Hack for Sweden since the start in 2013. The

Open data from SLU

Here you will find descriptions and links to open data and web services from SLU. SLU provides open data in order to increase the availability and re-use of environmental data in society. Examples of

Sustainable fishery

We want future generations to be able to fish for sustainable stocks of seafood. We develop methods, models and tools for evaluating the effects of various management measures. We develop selective

Pesticide use in model catchments

Annually, the farmers using fields within the catchments included in the monitoring program are interviewed regarding crops and pesticides used. This information serves as guidance for which

SLU and the climate

What does SLU do for the climate? We provide knowledge, decision support and facts about climate solutions. We teach our students about sustainability, and they inspire us to further reduce our


Find out which pesticides we find in the streams of the model catchments, and the two rivers in Skane county. See which pesticides are found above water quality objectives and can be considered a

Report species sightings

Report species sightings and contribute to knowledge of the Swedish flora and fauna as well as it's response to climate change.

Statistics and environmental data

Extensive databases and tools result from our environmental monitoring and assessment. A subset of those resources are available in English and on-line.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMA) Programmes

SLU's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMA) meets society's need for decision support in twelve programmes, linked to Sweden's national environmental objectives and international


Within the Wildlife program, we provide environmental assessments of wildlife populations and their impacts on forestry, agriculture and biodiversity. Furthermore, we develop and validate methods for


We monitor and analyse the state and trends of Swedish biodiversity, to support efforts to achieve the Swedish environmental objectives regarding biodiversity. We also provide a basis for monitoring

Lakes and watercourses

We provide data and expertise to further the work on Sweden's environmental objective Flourishing Lakes and Streams and other objectives related to water quality. We also support various public