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Environmental monitoring and assessment

SLU has a unique role among Swedish universities through its commission to perform environmental monitoring and assessment. This is based on society's needs, as expressed in national environmental targets, international commitments and the overall objective of long-term sustainable development.

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Fler men mindre kräftor i Vättern och Hjälmaren

The number of signal crayfish is increasing in Sweden's largest lakes: Lake Vänern, Lake Vättern, Lake Hjälmaren and Lake Mälaren. But in several of the lakes, the proportion of small crayfish is


Projects at Forest Remote Sensing Mistra Digital Forest FORWARDS: Towards an observatory for the resilience of european forests RESDINET: Network for novel remote sensing technologies in forest


We link variation in body size and community composition to ecological and evolutionary dynamics in changing environments. In our research we combine dynamic models, experiments and analysis of


Here you can view publications within the subject area of Forest Remote Sensing. To view all publications at SLU, visit the publication database. 2023 Doctoral Theses Axelsson, A. (2023) Tree Species

Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences

At the NJ Faculty, we conduct a wide range of research, teaching and environmental monitoring and assessment in the fields of agriculture and environment. Examples are sustainable food production,

Integrated Monitoring

The International Cooperative Programme on Integrated Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Ecosystems (ICP IM).


SLU’s environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA) provides society with knowledge and data to achieve its environmental and sustainability goals.

Biodiversity laboratory

We analyse the spices composition and biomass of aquatic organisms in lakes and streams. The information is used to assess the quality of the waters and habitats, as well as various indicator

SLU and the climate

What does SLU do for the climate? We provide knowledge, decision support and facts about climate solutions. We teach our students about sustainability, and they inspire us to further reduce our

Pesticides in air and precipitation

Results from the sampling of air and precipitation within the National Environmental Monitoring Program of Pesticides are found here. Precipitation is collected in the counties of Skåne and Uppland.

“Remediation of headwater streams is the missing link”

Agricultural headwaters are everywhere but at the same time much overlooked, despite their important role in regulating functions and quality of downstream ecosystems. They are often seen as passive

Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

Our research, education and environmental monitoring and assessment is focused on bettering our understanding of environmental changes of inland surface waters, as well as analyses of the underlying