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SLU researcher at the Committee on World Food Security in Rome

Camilla Widmark from the Department of Forest Economics gave a keynote about the gender situation in the Swedish forest sector. ©FAOGiulio-Napolitano The 44rd session of the UN Committee on Food Security (CFS43), in Rome, is on this week and SLU is ...


SLU contributes to Agenda 2030 for sustainable development

Some eighty government authorities were during 2016 commissioned by the Swedish Government to investigate and report on how their activities contribute to Sweden's efforts to achieve the global objectives of sustainable development. The findings are ...


International big data training school at SLU

A one week training school entitled "Big Data Training School for Life Sciences" were held at SLU, Ultuna,during 18-21 September. The school was attended by 25 EU citizens and a five participants from Africa, South America and Asia. The life sciences ...


Study opportunities

Studying abroad is a good way for you to broaden your knowledge of your subject and SLU has agreements with hundreds of universities around the world. Most students on three-year programmes choose to go on an exchange during their final year, while ...

SLU Global and Agenda 2030

SLU Global and Agenda 2030

SLU Global contributes to Agenda 2030 for sustainable development by improving the situation for people in low-income countries. SLU and Agenda 2030 News Agenda 2030 2030 Intensified SLU engagement for Agenda 2030 By 2030, the world's countries should ...


Field course in Kenya

Are you interested in global development? Take the opportunity to take a field course in Kenya! The International Course Package (ICP) Working with local natural resource management in low-income countries contains two courses: an online preparation ...

World Food Day 2017

World Food Day 2017

World Food Day 2017: Change the Future of Migration by investing in food security and rural development In Sweden, World Food Day will be celebrated by a seminar on 16 October, organized by the Swedish FAO Committee [in cooperation with the Ministry ...

Agroforestry 2017

Agroforestry 2017

The third national Agroforestry Conference 16-17 November in Alnarp Inspiration from the world, practice in Sweden - Both the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the European Commission are promoting agroforestry as an important ...


What's SLU Global? And what's Restoration of degraded rural landscapes?

A presentation of SLU Global and one of its themes: Restoration of degraded rural landscapes. Followed by a presentation by Lars Laestadius: Restoration of Landscapes and Livelihoods - The New REDD? Programme - What´s SLU Global? - A presentation of ...


AgriFoSe2030 trains Swedish scientists to be more policy-relevant

"Dare to simplify messages", "start at the right end: identify policy needs first" and "finding the right communication pathways is a challenge" were some of the key take home messages from a workshop earlier this month focusing on how to translate ...

Deforestation and community forestry management in Brazilian Amazon

Deforestation and community forestry management in Brazilian Amazon

Don"t miss the opportunity to listen to and discuss with Roberto Porro on Friday 29 September at 10.00-12.00! Community forest management, spatial mobility and deforestation: challenges for forest-agriculture integration at an environmentally-focused ...

IFAD-President-plus-panel-August-2017-Photo-Anders-Malmer .jpg

SLU's Pro Vice-Chancellor for International Relations at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

President of IFAD Gilbert Houngbo and the panel. From left: Lennart Ackzell, International Secretary of the Swedish Farmers Union (LRF); Atakilte Beyene, Researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute; Kathrine Löfberg, Board Chairman, Löfbergs Lila AB; ...

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