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Climate dialogues 2021

SLU Global and the future platforms are organising a series of climate conversations during 2021 and 2022. Some of them are internal dialogues and others are open seminars. Use the upcoming links

SLU Youth Institute

The SLU Youth Institute (SLU YI) aims to create interest among Swedish youth for global food security and to find sustainable solutions to the global challenges based on the UN Sustainable

GCUA 2030

Global Challenges University Alliance is a network of university partners from across the globe with a common vision of contributing to sustainable, global development. GCUA 2030 offers a global

SLU Global

SLU Global is a unit at the Vice-Chancellor's Office that supports SLU’s work for global development to contribute to Agenda 2030, with a focus on low-income countries.

SLU's internal global network

Are you interested in collaboration with low-income countries? Are you employed or a PhD student at SLU? Then you should join our internal global network! The network is open for all staff and PhD

Climate Conversation series

Climate Conversations - internal dialogue futureonehealth@slu.se Welcome to the 2nd internal dialogue meeting in the Climate Conversation series arranged by SLU Global and the four SLU Future

Joint publications maps

SLU researchers collaborate with researchers based across the world, including in low- and middle-income countries (so called DAC countries). In recent years, more than 20% of SLU’s publications have

Dissertation - Ram Pratim Deka

Epidemiology of Brucella infection and cost of reproductive disorders in dairy animals in Assam and Bihar, India patrik.claesson@slu.se Ram Pratim Deka defends his thesis: Epidemiology of Brucella

Researchers identify strong biases in our understanding of how megaherbivores affect earth system functioning

The earth's megaherbivores, large plant-eating mammals weighing at least a ton as an adult, are severely endangered. What happens if they disappear? We do not fully know, because our knowledge of how

Agri4D – a digital success towards sustainable and just food systems

More than 500 participants from over 80 countries engaged in this year’s theme “Food Systems for New Realities” during the Agricultural Research for Development Conference (Agri4D) 2021 held

After the Food Systems Summit (FSS) – the way forward

malin.planting@slu.se Welcome to a webinar to discuss the outcome of the UN Food Systems Summit on 23 September, 2021. Sweden has been very engaged in the preparative process at local, regional and

Deficient sanitation increases the risk of animal spread diseases in slums

Over a billion people around the world live in slums in large cities. In a study in Brazilian slums, researchers from SLU investigated the factors that affect the spread of leptospirosis from rats to