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Agrifose2030: Public lecture Kyambogo Uni

Addressing the uptake of research findings into policymaking is increasingly becoming important for researchers who ultimately seek to contribute to improved health outcomes, development and

Agenda 2030

SLU contributes to the Global Goals of Agenda 2030 by developing knowledge and capacity for sustainable management and use of natural resources. Since many decades, the university has extensive

Food security Entrance

Food and nutrition security are linked to quality and diversity of agricultural production, productivity, market access and functional value chains. Reaching global food security under a changing

Biodiversity Entrance

Biodiversity, on land and in water, is lost at an alarming pace; the consequences for ecosystems and ecosystem services, critical for the existence and well-being of humans, are complex and

Circular and biobased economy Entrance

Efficient solutions for reuse of resources such as nutrients and water are fundamental for a circular economy. The transition to a biobased economy drives a rapid development of novel products and

Urban sustainability Entrance

The ongoing rapid urbanisation affects both urban and rural areas and the drivers, dynamics and consequences of these processes need to be better understood. Facing the consequences of climate change

Climate change Entrance

Climate change fundamentally impacts all parts of society and adaptation needs to be at the core of development. SLU will further increase its efforts towards context specific solutions for increased

Global health Entrance

Urbanisation, climate change, altered livestock systems and inadequate water management are drivers for evolving health risks from zoonotic diseases, geographic expansion of disease vectors and

Reports and more

Here we present a selection of reports, books, manuals and other resources from our researchers and partnerships. Grazing with trees. A silvopastoral approach to managing and restoring drylands SLU

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GCUA 2030

GCUA 2030 Workshop: ‘Take Charge of Your Career as an Early Career Researcher’ Course package within GCUA 2030 A global learning forum for sustainable development Research careers are

Global food crisis: The ripple effects of the war in Ukraine on the Horn of Africa

Global food crisis: The ripple effects of the war in Ukraine on the Horn of Africa agnes.bondesson@slu.se The combined impacts of climate change, conflict, unsustainable agricultural practices and