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Research internship

Research intership is an individual course aiming to give insight and experience of research and development. The course is available for students of the master programmes Soil Water and Environment and EnvEuro. The course is usually taken before the master thesis and may help to identify a suitable thesis project or a future work area.

The internship is performed at an optional research institution, company or authority with a connection to soil, water and environmental topics, where you will follow and take part in the practical work. As distinct from the master thesis work, you will not conduct a research project on your own, but can work with various tasks offered at the internship.

You will have a supervisor at the internship. You and your supervisor will select a relevant literature area, within which you write a literature review. As part of the course, you will prepare a written report comprising this and a description of your work; you will also present it orally at the end of the course.

As a student you are responsible for finding the internship, although our department provide tips and contacts. The course leader also has to approve the internship before you start. Contact us in good time, preferably during the semester preceding the course, for things to be arranged. Apply for the course as usual at You do not have to have an internship arranged to do this, but if you are uncertain, you may wait as well and submit a late application.

Course evaluation

Additional course evaluations for MV0208

Academic year 2023/2024

Research internship (MV0208-20206)

2023-10-31 - 2024-01-14

Academic year 2022/2023

Research internship (MV0208-20048)

2022-11-01 - 2023-01-15

Academic year 2021/2022

Research internship (MV0208-20087)

2021-11-02 - 2022-01-16

Academic year 2020/2021

Research internship (MV0208-20154)

2020-11-02 - 2021-01-17

Academic year 2019/2020

Research internship (MV0208-20101)

2019-11-01 - 2020-01-19

Academic year 2018/2019

Research internship (MV0208-20081)

2018-11-05 - 2019-01-20

Academic year 2017/2018

Research internship (MV0208-20102)

2017-10-30 - 2018-01-14

Syllabus and other information

Course facts

The course is offered as an independent course: No The course is offered as a programme course: EnvEuro - European Master in Environmental Science Soil, Water and Environment - Master's Programme Tuition fee: Tuition fee only for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens: 38060 SEK Cycle: Master’s level (A1F)
Subject: Environmental Science Soil Science Soil science Environmental science
Course code: MV0208 Application code: SLU-10256 Location: Uppsala Distance course: No Language: English Responsible department: Department of Soil and Environment Pace: 100%