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Work science

Work science deals with safe, healthy and stimulating working environments and good leadership, particularly within the agricultural sector.

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Ten years of gender equality on the agenda

Report launch: 10 years of gender equality on the agenda elias.andersson@slu.se It is now just over ten years since the national gender equality strategy for the forest sector and its background


Reports and projects produced by SLU Horticulture. Present state analysis: Horticulture A decision from the dean in spring 2017 appointed a working group for operations and activities within

Veterinarians’ skills in MI linked to client verbal behavior

Veterinarians often give advice in a persuasive form, a style that has been shown to evoke resistance to change in clients experiencing psychological ambivalence (i.e. those who see both advantages

Equine-assisted interventions to improve quality of life

People with neurological disorders suffer from poor mobility, poor balance, fatigue, isolation and monotonous everyday activities. Studies show that equine-assisted interventions can improve their