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Economics is the social science that describes the factors that determine the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. One of the academic disiplines is national economics, at SLU linked to natural resources.

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WP 3

Logging is today a hi-tech industry that relies much on consulting services based on advanced support tools. Work Package 3 is addressing this topic. This project aims to increase the ability of


Here, you will find a list of outputs produced by Baltic ForBio, WP5. GA 5.2 Models to supply of small bioenergy plants The Guidebook on supply logistics and quality management in wood fuel


Here, you will find a list of outputs produced by Baltic ForBio, WP2. Media products Cost-effective and sustainable forest bioenergy harvest methods . In this video, you will learn about the

WP 5

The basis for the transformation over to green energy is largely economic incentives, therefore will focus in Work Package 5 be on development and support for adapted and viable business models. The

WP 2

In order to utilize the full potential of logging key actors need both knowledge and know-how about how to realize this in the real world, a two-folded matter that this work package addresses. This

WP 4

Another part of the hi-tech forest industry is the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a system which need ground work for adaptation and is what Work Package 4 will focus on. This project has the

Agricultural machinery

Modern agricultural machines (such as tractors and combine harvesters) can be very productive, but are also expensive, use a lot of fuel and produce substantial pollution. Hence, it is of importance


Do you need expert help? We offer consulting in statistical questions within the center of statistics. For employees at SLU statistical consultancy is payed centrally and therefore free of charge for

Agricultural Economics and Management

Campus Uppsala Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city, and the hub of SLU’s educational activities. Located just outside of the city centre, SLU’s Uppsala campus is spacious, leafy and picturesque

News from the project

New publication out Roos, A., Mutta, D., Larwanou, M., Wekesa, C., Kowero, G., 2021. Operations and improvement needs in the informal charcoal sector – A participatory value stream analysis.

PhD courses

The Department offers courses all year round. Reoccurring courses are for instance; Stated Preference Method and R programming. The research school ECOS and CERE also offers courses. See current

Research Projects

The Department both run and partake in several larger and smaller, national and international research projects. Below are some of our active projects. Research projects with website KnockOnWood