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Centre for Biological Control, CBC

The Centre for Biological Control, CBC, contributes to the development of new knowledge concerning the use of living organisms to control pests and diseases. CBC is a competence driven actor in biological control, both nationally and internationally.

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Ramesh Vetukuri receives supervision excellency award

Ramesh Vetukuri received the Best Supervisor Award 2023 from the Faculty of landscape architecture, horticulture and crop production sciences. Part of the motivation was that Ramesh has a very

How does tillage affect weed regulation by seed eaters?

Carabid beetles are a group of beetles that eat weed seeds. In a new study, the abundance of carabid beetles has been shown to be correlated to weed seed regulation in directly seeded fields without

Lunch seminar SLU Plant Protection Network with Eirini Lamprini Daouti

katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Eirini Lamprini Daouti, Department of Crop Production Ecology;, gives a lunch seminar with the title "Effects of tillage on weed regulation by carabid beetles". This seminar

Developing beneficial microbes to products

Ramesh Vetukuri participated and was a panelist at the meeting Skåne Innovation Day that this year focused on investing in innovation. “I got a robust understanding of how to transition my research

SLU researchers from all over Sweden networked about plant health

We talk about plant health in forestry, agriculture, and horticulture, but the different areas are often compartmentalised. To increase cooperation in the field of plant health and plant protection,

Margareta Hökeberg, pioneering researcher in biological control, has passed away

Margareta Hökeberg has passed away after a period of illness, aged 70. Margareta had a long and successful career as an internationally recognized expert on the use of bacteria in biological control

Cassandra investigates climate change impacts on predators and pest control services

Cassandra Vogel started her two-year post doc at SLU in May 2023. She will investigate how resilient natural enemies and their pest control services are to disturbances. The aim is to contributes to

Ramesh wants to use biocontrol for more resilient agricultural systems

Ramesh Vetukuri is the newest researcher at the SLU Centre of Biological Control, CBC. His specialty is novel and sustainable methodologies to enhance plant yield, while effectively managing disease

Root and butt rot

The fungus Heterobasidion annosum is the most destructive pathogen in boreal and temperate conifer forests of the northern hemisphere. In Sweden, as much as 15% of Norway spruce trees present

Chemical communication between plants, microbes and insects

Insect pests use chemical signals (semiochemicals) to find food, hosts and mates. Accordingly, chemical communication can be used as a target for pest control. The application of semiochemicals

Beneficial fungus can save strawberries from grey mould

Grey mould causes great yield losses to strawberry farmers, retailers, and consumers. However, the beneficial fungus Aureobasidium pullulans is a promising biocontrol agent which can mitigate this

Help us sample wild strawberries!

Wild strawberries grow across almost all of Europe and are constantly exposed to microbial pathogens which may cause plant diseases. We need your help collecting wild strawberry plants to investigate