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Centre for Biological Control (CBC)

We contribute to the development of new knowledge concerning the use of living organisms to control pests and diseases.

Barley is sorted in an agricultural machine, photo.

About CBC

SLU runs the Centre for Biological Control (CBC), with a grant from the Swedish government. CBC conducts its own research and collaborate with other researchers in sustainable control strategies. A close cooperation with stakeholders, such as growers, industry, authorities and organisations is an important part of our activities. Contact us if you have any questions regarding activities in the centre, if you have an interest in research collaboration, assignments or evaluations!


  • 17 April 2024

    Intensive agriculture results in less reliable weed control from seed eaters

    Dandelions in an agricultural field. Photo. To increase crop productivity, agriculture relies on intensive use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In a new study, researchers show that with intensive agriculture, there is a risk of losing stable supply of important ecosystem services such as weed seed predation.
  • 22 March 2024

    Are pests adapting to the push-pull system?

    Two women in a corn field. Photo. Ecologically intensified farms in Kenya, where biodiversity is carefully managed, maintain successful pest control over time. That is the result of a research study published in 2023.
  • 16 February 2024

    Small RNAs – the future of plant protection?

    A person holding a brown wheat plant. Photo. Small RNAs are common in fungi, including fungi that can be used as biocontrol agents in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry. In a new review, SLU scientists highlights the diverse function of small RNAs and their potential to manage plant diseases and insect damage in agriculture.

When it is biological control?

Researchers at the SLU Centre for Biological present an updated terminology and conceptual platform for biological control. The aim is to facilitate communication and legislation.


CBC contribute to the development of new knowledge concerning the use of living organisms to control pests and diseases. We are a competence driven actor in biological control, both nationally and internationally.

A person in a red jacket takes samples in a field under a grey sky, photo.


CBC interacts with many external stakeholders in sustainable biocontrol methods, such as governmental stakeholders, the industry, stakeholder organisations and research institutes.

A hand touching green leaves, photo.

CBC for students

We welcome students to do master projects at CBC. Check out our projects and contact a researcher involved in your area of interest!

Two young women in sun hats are investigating leaves under a tree, photo.

What is biological control?

Biological control has a great potential to restrict the damage caused by harmful organisms like animals, plant pathogens and other pests. Learn more here!

A white spider catches an insect, photo.
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SLU Centre for Biological Control, CBC

Director Johan A. Stenberg

johan.stenberg@slu.se, 040 - 41 53 78
Visiting address: Sundsvägen 16, 230 53 Alnarp, Sweden