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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Wildlife Damage Centre, VSC

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SLU Plant Protection Network kick-off

cajsa.lithell@slu.se Come, meet and connect with others at SLU working within plant protection or plant health. Get to know and help shaping our new SLU Plant Protection Network, and find out what

Wildlife and predators

Our research provides a scientific basis for the management of Swedish wildlife and predators. Information is needed on how the animals live and where in Sweden they are found, alongside biological

Reporting crop damages caused by geese and cranes for a better protection of crops

Farmers, researchers and wildlife managers need to work together. Without farmers reporting where geese and cranes cause damage, researchers and wildlife managers are blind to design or to assess

Wildlife Damage Centre, VSC

The Swedish Wildlife Damage Centre provides information and education about management of protected wildlife, such as large carnivores and large grazing birds.