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Disp A Nicolaidis

Managing coupled human and natural systems (CHANS): the case of water internkommunikation@slu.se Andreas Nicolaidis Lindqvist, defends his thesis “Managing coupled human and natural systems (CHANS)

Plant factories

With the development of LED-lighting, producing plants in closed environments, “plant factories”, have become feasible. In such a facility, all climatic factors can be controlled. As the end product

Disputation Andreas Nicolaidis Lindqvist

andrus.kangro@slu.se Andreas Nicolaidis Lindqvist will defend his thesis titled “Managing coupled human and natural systems (CHANS)- The case of water” Opponent: - Professor Giuliano Di Baldassarre

Food waste to new food in an urban context

Sustainably produced and safe plant nutrition is needed to produce food in the city. In this project anaerobic digestate based on a high proportion of food waste, produced in biogas plants, has been


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World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, where food begins”

World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, Where food begins” amanda.oberg@slu.se Agricultural soils are the foundation of our food supply. But to keep our soils capable of delivering such an important ecosystem

Mer vall på slätten för klimateffektiv produktion

Agriculture in plain-lands is often specialized in crop production, with no on-farm use of ley as animal fodder, and crop rotations that often includes only annual crops (e.g. oilseed rape, cereals

Seminar: TRACE-Soils Online Scientific Forum

Seminar: "Sustainable agriculture to support soil function and biodiversity" amanda.oberg@slu.se The TRACE-Soils project, funded by the EJP SOIL program, aims to identify the mechanisms

A Safe and Effective System for Introducing New Crops

EIP-Agri project 2017-2019 Demand for new products is increasing in Sweden, but unless the introduction of new crops works, the proportion of Swedish-coded in the market will fall in favor of imports

Development of the variety trials for silage maize in Sweden

The aim of the project was to create a basis for a decision support system för cultivation of silage maize in Sweden, based on varieties and risk management. During the project the mechanistic model