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Department of Biosystems and Technology

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Digital tillsyn på bete

The project aims to develop an intelligent supervisory system for animals on pasture to help animal caretakers with effective daily monitoring and management of animal welfare and health. The system

Workshop om restflöden i cirkulära livsmedelssystem- Utmaningar och lösningar

Workshop on residual flows in circular food systems - Challenges and solutions johanna.grundstrom@slu.se Welcome to a workshop where we meet in the story of recycling and reuse of residual flows in

Equine welfare through the lens of the Five Domains

Postgraduate students, representatives from the equine industry, teachers and riding instructors came from as far as Australia, Canada, Spain, Hungary, Great Britain, Finland, Denmark and Sweden and

Diss Annie Drottberger

Introduction and adoption of innovations in horticultural production systems lotta.malmborg@slu.se Annie Drottberger, department of Biosystems and Technology, defends the thesis "Introduction and

Double success for young researcher

At this year’s ISAE congress, the New Investigator Award was awarded to SLU-researcher Maria Vilain Rørvang. As a young researcher, she also received a 4 million kroner funding from Formas. “Maria

Smells like welfare

Olfaction and wellbeing are highly interconnected in humans and animals. Information from odours is crucial for farm animals, although the olfactory environment is often neglected. Exposure to odours

Lukta på det här

Pigs are highly motivated for exploring. When commercially kept pigs are unable to satisfy their need for performing this behaviour, it can be detrimental for both animal welfare and farm economy.






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