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Nailing - Jacob Dalgaard Christensen

On 19 January 2023 Jacob Dalgaard Christensen had the nailing of his thesis "Risk, reproducibility, and reproduction: Essays on scholar's analytic decisions and consumers' product purchases".

Diss Jacob Dalgaard Christensen

Risk, reproducibility, and reproduction: Essays on scholar’s analytic decisions and consumers’ product purchases charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Jacob Dalgaard Christensen defends his thesis "Risk,

Different kinds of crop diversity at conventional and organic farms

The diversity of crops grown in a field, on a farm, and in the landscape tends to have a positive impact on the wild biodiversity, as well as crop production, and ecosystem functions that support and


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Biogas research at the Department of Economics

The aim in this study is to investigate Swedish farmers’ experiences with collaborative initiatives in farm-based biogas production. The project is called "Collaboration for improved profitability

Aligning GHG emission reduction with economic resilience

Farmers view both the climate change and economic concerns as their main long-term challenges. This project investigates opportunities to support management of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction


There are more than a 70 courses on all levels at the Department of Economics. Most of the courses are open to both program students of the department and students from other universities. Search for


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Independent project

Independent projects (degree projects) must be processed in accordance with the same procedures and responsibilities as other higher education at SLU. In some respects, however, independent projects

Department of Economics

At the Department of Economics we carry out research and teach in Business studies and Economics with application to food, agriculture and natural resources.

Environmental Economics

The research group for Environmental Economics at the Department of Economics, Ultuna is characterized by interest in and focus on research relevant for environmental policy. We have expertise in