General re-exam August 2022

Last changed: 20 April 2022

The general re-exam period will be held on August 17-19 and applies to courses that have taken place during periods 1, 2 and 3. Courses in period 4 have a re-examination day on August 16. Some of the courses have a take-home exam instead of an on-site exam. Information about what courses it is related to can be seen in parentheses in the list below.

The registration will be open in Ladok from June 10 to ten working days prior to the exam’s date. It is important that you register before the deadline since late registrations are not accepted (applies to both the on-site exams and the take-home exams).

NOTE! The schedule below is preliminary and will be determined in June 2022 after the department has had the exam orders confirmed by the Exam Service.

The following dates and courses are planned for the general re-exam period:

Wednesday August 17

FÖ0373 Farm Management and Medium-Run Planning – Property valuation

FÖ0437 Business Economics 1

FÖ0445 Marketing, responsibility and ethics (homeexam)

FÖ0449 Managerial economics

FÖ0454 Value chains and networks in the bio-economy

FÖ0459 /FÖ0451/ FÖ0271 Quantitative finance

FÖ0460 Sustainability and financial reporting

LB0072 Agricultural Economics

MX0129 Quality and Environmental Management

NA0153 Cost Benefit Analysis of Agricultural and Environmental Projects

NA0165 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

NA0177 Macroeconomics I and agricultural and environmental economics

NA0179 Econometrics and programming

NA0182 / NA0174 Microeconomis I with mathematics


Thursday August 18

FÖ0418 Organizational theory I (home exam 12 hp)

FÖ0453 Organizing in the green industry - Organizational theory I (home exam 12 hp)

FÖ0455 (HT20 and earlier) Organizing for sustainability - Organizational theory I (home exam 12 hp)

FÖ0455 (HT21) Organizing for sustainability - Organizational theory I (home exam, 5 hp)

FÖ0473 Organizational theory I (home exam, 5 hp)

FÖ0476 / FÖ0458 / FÖ0456 / FÖ0362 Production economics

JU0038 Environmental Law

NA0160 Agricultural Policy and International Trade

NA0177 Macroeconomics I and agricultural and environmental economics


Friday August 19

FÖ0373 Farm Management and Medium-Run Planning

FÖ0393 Quality and Environmental Management - Continued Organization Theory and Marketing

FÖ0428 / FÖ0377 Marketing

FÖ0438 Business economics 2

FÖ0441 Business economics and the food supply chain

FÖ0452 Marketing for engineers

FÖ0477 / FÖ0463 / FÖ0450 Industrial management and sustainable innovation

LK0391 / LK0363 Project management for landscape engineers 1

NA0167 Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

NA0168 Management of Biological Resources

NA0176 Microeconomics II - Business and Society

NA0182 / NA0174 / NA0163 Microeconomics I with mathematics

NA0183 Microeconomics and its Applications in Agricultural and Environmental Economics

NA0185 / NA0178 Experimental methods for economics and business studies


Dates for courses in collaboration with Uppsala University

For more information and exam registration, follow the course management's instructions.

Saturday August 13

JU0030 Taxation

Monday August 15

NA0171 Econometric Theory

Tuesday August 16

NA0134 Macroeconomic Theory

ÖS0001 Political Science A – Policy analysis and public administration


Thursday August 18

ÖS0001 Political Science A – International politics


Friday August 19

HI0026 Economic history A/Global transformation and globalisation 1700-2000

NA0172 Applied Econometrics


Saturday August 20

JU0031 Basic Course in Commercial Law

Monday August 22

NA0125 Analytical Methods

NA0138 Policy Evaluation

Friday August 26

NA0135 Microeconomic Theory



Re-examination is given at two occasions: late August and the middle of November (only for courses from period 4). To write a re-exam a notification is required. Notification activated in the spring for the exam in August and in September for the exam in November.

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