General resit exams - November 2022

Last changed: 13 September 2022

Courses in period 4 have their general resit exams in November. This year the resit exams will be held on 12 and 16 November.

The registration will be open in Ladok up to ten working days prior to the exam date. It is important that you register before the deadline since late registrations are not accepted.

The following resit exams are planned:

Saturday 12 November

(registration Oct 15-31)

FÖ0426  Ekonomistyrning II (del: Extern redovisning)
FÖ0442 Agricultural cooperatives
FÖ0475 Redovisning och ekonomistyrning (del: Redovisning)
NA0181 Topics in contemporary applied agricultural economics II
NA0184 Environmental Economics, Review course


Wednesday 16 November

(registration Oct 19-Nov 2)

FÖ0426 Ekonomistyrning II (del: Företagsstyrning)
FÖ0475 Redovisning och ekonomistyrning (del: Ekonomistyrning)
NA0130 Environmental policy


General resit exams are given at two occasions: mid-August for courses in period 1-3 and mid-November for courses in period 4. To take a resit exam you must register in Ladok no later than 10 weekdays before the exam.

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