General re-exam November 2021

Last changed: 15 September 2021

The general re-exam will be held 10/11 and 17/11, see Ladok for specific writing times. Some of the courses have an established exam form as a home exam and this information is available in Ladok. The exam forms for some courses may change and those changes will be updated Ladok. The registration will be open from September 15th to ten working days before the exam. The following dates and courses are set for the general re-exam:

Courses 10/11

FÖ0426 Ekonomistyrning II del Extern redovisning

FÖ0442 Agricultural cooperatives

NA0130 Environmental policy

NA0184 Miljöekonomisk översiktskurs


Courses 17/11

FÖ0426 Ekonomistyrning II del Företagsstyrning
NA0181 Topics in contemporary applied agricultural economics II


Re-examination is given at two occasions: late August and the middle of November (only for courses from period 4b). To write a re-exam a notification is required. Notification activated in the spring for the exam in August and in September for the exam in November.

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