General resit exams

Last changed: 16 February 2024

Every August, the Department of Economics offers general resit exams for courses given in period 1-3. For courses given in period 4, we offer general resit exams in November.

August 2024

Self-registration will be open in Ladok Student up to ten working days prior to the exam date. It is important that you register before the deadline since late registrations are not accepted.

The following are our exams in English:

Tuesday 20 August      (regular re-exams for period 4)
FÖ0454 Value Chains and Networks in the Bio-Economy
NA0198/NA0181 Analysis of Productivity and Efficiency of Food System Firms
Wednesday 21 August
FÖ0446 Research methods for business studies
FÖ0459 Quantitative Finance
FÖ0460 Sustainability and Financial Reporting
NA0153 Cost Benefit Analysis of Agricultural and Environmental Projects
NA0179 Econometrics and Programming
NA0192/NA0165 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
NA0193 Methods in Economics
Thursday 22 August
FÖ0445 Marketing, Responsibility and Ethics
FÖ0476 Production Economics
NA0185 Experimental Methods for Economics and Business Studies
NA0189/NA0160 Agricultural Economics, Policy and Trade
NA0197/NA0180 Topics in Agricultural Economics for Sustainable Development
Friday 23 August
FÖ0442 Agricultural Cooperatives
FÖ0444 Innovation & Sustainability
HU0009 The Economics of Sustainable Development
NA0167 Economic Growth and Sustainable Development
NA0168 Management of Biological Resources
NA0183 Microeconomics and its Applications in Agricultural and Environmental Economics
NA0184 Environmental Economics, Review course
NA0190 Applications of Theory and Methods in Agricultural Economics
NA0191 Applications of Theory and Methods in Environmental Economics
NA0194 Microeconomics III


General resit exams are given at two occasions: mid-August for courses in period 1-3 and mid-November for courses in period 4. To take a resit exam you must register in Ladok no later than 10 weekdays before the exam.

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