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The general re-exam will held 19/8 and 20/8, see Ladok for specific writing times. Some of the courses have an established exam form as a Zoom invigilated exam or home exam and this information is available in Ladok. The exam forms for some courses has not been determined yet but it will be updated in Ladok shortly. The registration will be open from May 5 to August 5 (for exam 19/8) and from May 5 to August 6 (for exam 20/8). The following dates and courses are set for the general re-exam:

Courses that have re-exam 19/8

FÖ0373 Lantbruksekonomi- och driftsplanering, del: Fastighetsvärdering

FÖ0419 Ekonomistyrning I, del: Kalkylering

FÖ0427/FÖ0447 Grundläggande företagsekonomisk metodkurs

FÖ0437 Företagande 1

FÖ0441/FÖ0450/FÖ0463/LK0363 Företagsekonomi och livsmedelskedjan

FÖ0449 Företagsbeslut och mikroekonomi

FÖ0460 Sustainability and financial reporting

NA0153 Cost benefit analysis of agricultural and environmental projects

NA0165 Natural resource and environmental economics

NA0174/NA0182 Mikroekonomi I med matematik, del: Mikroekonomi

NA0177 Makroekonomi I med matematik; del Makro och JoMe.

NA0179 Econometrics and programming

FÖ0445 Marketing, responsibility and ethics

FÖ0271/FÖ0451/FÖ0459 Quantitative finance

NA0180 Topics in contemporary applied agricultural economics I

FÖ0454 Value chains and networks in the bio-economy.


Courses that have re-exam 20/8

FÖ0373 Lantbruksekonomi- och driftsplanering, del: Driftsplanering

FÖ0362/FÖ0456/FÖ0458 Production economics

FÖ0393 Kvalitets- och miljöledning. Fördjupad teori i organisation och marknadsföring

FÖ0418 Företaget och omvärlden – Organisationsteori I

FÖ0419 Ekonomistyrning I, del: Redovisning

FÖ0428/FÖ0377/FÖ0452 Marknadsföring/Marknadsföring för ingenjörer

FÖ0438 Företagande II

FÖ0453 Organisering i den gröna sektorn – Organisationsteori I.

FÖ0455 Organisering för hållbarhet – Organisationsteori I.

NA0167 Economic growth and sustainable development

JU0038 Miljörätt

NA0126 Applied demand and supply analysis

NA0160 Agricultural policy and international trade

NA0168 Management of biological resources

NA0176 Mikroekonomi II – Företag och samhälle

NA0183 Microeconomics and its applications in agricultural and environmental economics

NA0178/NA0185 Experimental methods for economics and business studies

NA0163/NA0174/NA0182 Mikroekonomi I med matematik, del: matematik


Courses that have re-exam 23/8-27/8

FÖ0421 Leadership and sustainability (home re-exam)

Re-exams in SLU courses given at Uppsala University


Microeconomic Theory 9/8             

Econometric Theory 13/8          

Analytical Methods 14/8

Applied Econometrics 21/8

Policy Evaluation 25/8

Macroeconomic Theory 27/8


More information regarding the re-exam can be found here:


Re-examination is given at two occasions: late August and the middle of November (only for courses from period 4b). To write a re-exam a notification is required. Notification activated in the spring for the exam in August and in September for the exam in November.

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