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Feeding reindeer for future free-range functionality – REINFEED

Short- and long-term effects of winter-feeding on future ability to utilize natural pastures Extensive herding systems, like reindeer husbandry, make use of animals' natural adaptation to the

HUV ReiGN reindeer husbandry in a globalizing North

Resilience, adaptations and pathways for actions ReiGN is a Nordic Centre of Excellence, funded by NordForsk, that covers a wide range of expertise, spanning from genomic, evolutionary theory, life

HUV Adapted management and feeding strategies for improved chick quality

Including bioactive substances from brown algae or fungi biomass in chickens first feed will be evaluated in this project. The broiler chickens will either get access to feed and water already from

Mother knows best; a virtual system of ‘maternal care’ to promote welfare in chickens

This project aims to develop a virtual system of maternal care using video and audio signals to improve the naturalness of rearing conditions of newly hatched chicks and promote natural behaviours,

Cow and calf together

Is it possible to keep dairy cows and their calves together in automatic milking systems? What are the effects on milk yield, calf growth, health and fertility? In an on-going research project at SLU

Indilact II

The aim of this project is to develop and test decision support tools to identify multiparous cows that benefit from an extended lactation length. Furthermore, the goal is to use these tools to adapt

HUV Managing forage shortage crises with forest by-products

The aim of the project is to provide solutions for using unprocessed or nutritionally upgraded forest by-products as ruminant feed during forage shortage crises. The 2018 dry spell in Sweden

HUV Nutritional and management factors associated with colic in horses

Data collection to increase the knowledge about nutritional and management factors associated with colic in horses Colic is one of the most common health issues in horses world-wide and can become

HUV On the same wavelength - the effect of LED light on activity and production in dairy cows

The aim of the project is to study effects of LED-light on milk production and activity in dairy cows. It is well known that light affects milk production in dairy cows and that the daily milk yield

HUV New mower technology for fractionation into two qualities at ley harvest

The project investigates the biological conditions for separating a ley crop into two vertical strata fractions with different nutritional quality at mowing. Leys for dairy cows are commonly cut at

HUV Milk production with extensively processed silage for increased forage intake

The aim of the project is to investigate how much extensive mechanical processing of silage can increase the forage intake in dairy cows and hereby reduce the requirement for concentrates. Grass/

HUV Microbiome-centered strategies to promote development of the immune system in suckling pigs

The aim of the proposed project is to find nutritional strategies to enhance immune competence in young pigs to improve their resilience against enteric infections. The gut microbiota plays an