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Department of Animal Nutrition and Management

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Optimized Grazing: for increased economic and ecological sustainability in Swedish milk production

How can you maintain milk yield after moving to pasture by adapting the feeding before the grazing period? Swedish milk production is mostly based on indoor management of dairy cows with a partial

KV - Small dairy herds are needed in a sustainable Swedish food production

In this three year long project, “The role of small-scale dairy cattle production in a sustainable and robust Swedish food supply”, we will map small-scale dairy herds in Sweden, and identify

Precision livestock breeding

Agricultural systems need to improve in order to meet future challenges of an increasing human population and at the same time ensure good animal welfare and a minimal ecological footprint. This

Green Valleys 2.0: Future Sustainable Fish Feed Made from Grass Protein

This project is a continuation of the previous project, Green Valleys 1.0 (2018-2022), aiming to promote circular production of green protein (from green biorefinery) to create new business

New doctoral thesis about rye in dog food

The purpose of this doctoral thesis was to explore the effects of whole grains of wheat, oats and rye on the dog's metabolism, intestinal microbiota and the amount of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA).

Department of Animal Nutrition and Management

We conduct research and teaching about nutrition and management of several animal species such as cattle, pigs, poultry, reindeer, fish, horses and dogs.

Feasibility and potential for farming and conditioning of wild fish fed with by-catches in Sweden

Today farming or conditioning of wild-caught fish is low in Sweden and Europe in general. There are however a number of advantages in farming of wild fish compared to wild catch, such as a better

Hållbara proteinflöden och –produkter

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Diss Hanna Palmqvist

Whole grain cereals in dog food – effects on metabolism and gut microbiota sofia.webering.ekberg@slu.se Hanna Palmqvist defends her thesis: Whole grain cereals in dog food – effects on metabolism

Influence of different feeds on metabolism and gut health in dogs

The aim of the project is to build up knowledge about how feed with different compositions, regarding carbohydrates and fibres, affect metabolism and satiety regulation in dogs. In addition, the dogs

Reed as feed to horses and ruminants

This project investigates whether reed silage can be used as roughage for horses. Reed is harvested in different plant maturations and analyzed with regard to energy value and nutrient content.

Exotic tree species in the forest mean loss of grazing land for reindeer

Semi-domesticated reindeer avoid winter habitats with exotic lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta), introduced from Northern America. Reduced food supply and dense stands probably contribute to the