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Department of Animal Nutrition and Management

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Improved calf performance in small-scale dairy production in Southern Vietnam

The purpose of this project was to identify which routines in the handling of the commercial dairy calf can be improved on the small-scale dairy farms in Vietnam. Dairy production is rather new in

Feed availability and utilisation for dairy cattle in Uganda

Dairy production in the south western rangelands of Uganda like other agricultural production enterprises in the country, is responding to the increasing demand for food products arising from the

Changing the rearing environment for parental animals, as a potential way to improve animal welfare in the chicken meat sector

This project aim to investigate the effect of specific environmental inputs during rearing, which has seen to promote animal welfare long-term for laying hens in experimental farms, on farms with


The research at the Beijer Laboratory for Animal Science (BLAS) aims to make better use of data automatically collected at high-tech farms so that management and breeding of future generations of


As of January 1, 2024, we are part of the new Department of Applied Animal Science and Welfare. You can find information about our undergraduate education on our new website.

SLU's focus on food science

A significant portion of SLU's research revolves around putting food on the table. It is an ever-relevant issue in society during a time of changing climates and a need for increased food resilience.

Recovered phosphorus as feed phosphate to pigs and avians

EasyMining, the Swedish University of Agricultural Services (SLU) and Lantmännen have started an innovative project testing the precipitated calcium phosphate (PCP) recovered in the Ash2Phos-project

Future feed is circular

Our research is about how we can select from thousands of possible microbes, to isolate promising candidates for a more detailed evaluation. The microbes are mainly intended to be used in fish feed

Department of Animal Nutrition and Management

We conduct research and teaching about nutrition and management of several animal species such as cattle, pigs, poultry, reindeer, fish, horses and dogs. As of January 1, 2024, we are part of the new

Improved sustainability in dairy production by increased feed efficiency

This project aims to improve feed efficiency (FE) in dairy production by introducing new technology and digitalization (analysis of large data) and thereby develop new practical methods to include FE

ReiGN reindeer husbandry in a globalizing North

Resilience, adaptations and pathways for actions ReiGN is a Nordic Centre of Excellence, funded by NordForsk, that covers a wide range of expertise, spanning from genomic, evolutionary theory, life

Professorial inauguration – lectures

Professorial inauguration – lectures helena.pennlov@slu.se On Friday 19 April professors from Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala will be inaugurated at SLU Ultuna. Illustrations: Fredrik Saarkoppel,