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Department of Animal Nutrition and Management

We conduct research and teaching about nutrition and management of several animal species such as cattle, pigs, poultry, reindeer, fish, horses and dogs.

Ley crops to pigs

A research project on increased utilization of forage in feed for pigs. (Subtitles in English).

Grazing at high latitudes, Halftime seminar of Quentin Lardy.

News from HUV

New doctoral thesis by Hanna Palmqvist

The aim of the thesis was to explore the effects of whole grains of wheat, oats and rye on the dog's metabolism, intestinal microbiota and SCFA. Rye is an unusual ingredient in dog food. Overall, the results from the doctoral project indicate that whole grain rye can affect the dog's microbiota and its function in a health-promoting direction.

Front page of doctoral thesis with a drawing of a dog and a bouquet of grain crops. Picture.
Published: 24 October 2023 - Page editor: marie.liljeholm@slu.se