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A programme for strengthening and further develop digital decision support systems to face new information demand for sustainable and efficient agricultural production. LADS’ research is carried out

Soil science talk

Predicting the spatial distribution of soil organic carbon stock in Swedish forests using a group of covariates and site-specific data asa.brorsson@slu.se A seminar with Ozias Hounkpatin (

Per Knutsson seminar

Per Knutsson, one of the Dryland Transform researchers will on the 6th of October have a webinar on the topic "Commoning or Commodification? Pastoralist Land Rights in the Face of Political, Economic

Livestock café establishment

The concept of a livestock café is an excellent and novel way of engaging with farmers and local communities through a participatory approach of having field experiments. Livestock cafés as locally

PhD-halftime seminar Karin Andersson

Halftime seminar: Increased nitrogen efficiency from cattle slurry cajsa.lithell@slu.se Welcome to Karin Andersson's PhD halftime seminar! Opponent: Professor Thomas Kätterer, Department of

Diss Benjamin Gossweiler

Impacts of land use change on river streamflow and water quality in a semi-arid catchment : assessment of a catchment under rapid and uncontrolled urbanisation. charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Benjamin

Effects of uncontrolled urbanization on river streamflow and water quality

Urbanisation cause degradation of water quality and streamflow in rivers and streams worldwide. With the Rocha River catchment in Bolivia as an example, Benjamin Gossweiler Herrera evaluated land

Drylands Transform soon at Agri4D

Drylands Transform will soon have two oral presentations at the Agri4D conference on 28-30th of September 2021. First on the 29th of September Stephen Mureithi will present on the topic of "Livestock

About the Swedish Forest Soil Inventory

The Swedish Forest Soil Inventory (SFSI) collects information about soil conditions and soil chemistry from ca. 20000 objectively located plots across all of Sweden. All land use types except urban

PhD-halftime seminar - Tobias Klöffel

Half time seminar: Soil structure and hydrological functions in agricultural soils asa.brorsson@slu.se Welcome to Tobias Klöffel's half time seminar with the title "Soil structure and hydrological

The importance of soil support staff

Ana Maria Mingot Soriano, laboratory engineer at the Soil physichs laboratory at the Department of soil and environment, has been interviewed by the European Geosciences Union. – Here at the

LDSF start up

Healthy, functioning ecosystems are a prerequisite for human health and well-being. In the drylands of East Africa, pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities are highly reliant on ecosystem