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Workshop: Microplastics and their role in the use of sludge on land

Workshop: Microplastics and their role in the use of sludge on land amanda.oberg@slu.se Is wastewater sludge an important contributor of microplastics in agricultural soils? Are plastics harmful to

Developing Sustainable agriculture systems: Push Pull Technology in Rwanda

Food insecurity is expected to worsen with population growth, land-use change, and climate change. One way to develop sustainable smallholder agricultural systems in East Africa is to use push pull

Dryland voices

During three weeks, a large household survey, including male and female respondents in 920 households, is carried out. The survey will try to capture the lives, choices and challenges faced by both

Kuule Derick

With a background from a BSc in Environmental Sciences and an MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Studies, Kuule Derick Ansyijar has a good understanding of resource management in the

Policy Workshop on Carbon Farming

Policy Workshop on Carbon Farming amanda.oberg@slu.se Welcome to a policy workshop that will explore how existing scientific knowledge can both inform and help to shape carbon farming policies and

Worms contribute to the redistribution of microplastics in agricultural soils

Microplastics released from human activity are found in many different natural environments, including agricultural soils. Although they might be harmful to crops and soil organisms, how they are

Lecture by Dr. Robin Gebbers: Integrated System for Site-Specific Soil Management

Lecture by Dr. Robin Gebbers: Integrated System for Site-Specific Soil Management amanda.oberg@slu.se Welcome to listen to Dr. Robin Gebbers (Stenon GmbH, Germany) who will give a presentation with

How agriculture can get fast and reliable information about concentrations of elements in arable land

In order to fertilize correctly and reduce the risk of undesirable concentrations of elements in food production, good methods are required for measuring and mapping elements in arable land. A new

Diss Karl Adler

Digital soil mapping and portable X-ray fluorescence prediction of cadmium, copper and zinc concentrations as decision support for crop production charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Karl Adler defends his

Farm vehicles heavy as dinosaurs jeopardize food security

Farm vehicles are becoming so heavy that they jeopardize future food security in Europe, America and Australia. Larger and more flexible tires have limited the damage on the surface, but below the

Pre-testing of household survey in Uganda

Earlier this year, four members of Drylands Transform were together in the field sites in Uganda conducting a pre-test of the household survey that is planned for June. The team was broad in their

Reindeer husbandry and forestry

Reindeer husbandry and forestry: Challenges and opportunities for shared land use teresia.borgman@slu.se STUDENT SEMINAR. There is an alarming reduction in winter pastures and in the amount of