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Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology

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Vahideh Rafiei and Malin Elfstrand have been awarded research grants from Formas' open call for research on fungi that cause diseases on cereals and spruce breeding. Formas’ research council finances

Soil fungal conservation values and contributions to soil carbon dynamics

How fast soil organisms in boreal forests break down and store carbon has great significance for Earth's climate. If the species composition of soil fungi and associated vegetation changes, it can

Diss Louis Mielke

Mycorrhizal guild functions and conservation values in boreal forests charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Louis Mielke defends his thesis "Mycorrhizal guild functions and conservation values in boreal

Kick-off for the new Interdisciplinary Adacemy

In November, SLU's new Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) makes its official start. Two projects and eleven researchers are admitted to the academy. Together, they represent nine departments, all four

Wild boar can reduce soil decomposer abundance and affect soil nutrients in boreal forests

In forests, wild boar rooting patches are clearly visible, but it is not as easy to see how they affect life in the soil. Now SLU can show that the wild boar reduces the number of soil mites, small

Guided tour of Campus Ultuna and social gathering

katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Visit the BioCentrum and the Ecology Center at SLU in Ultuna and socialize on campus Ultuna in connection with the Swedish National Plant Protection Conference 2022. Uppsala

One-health challenges driven by pest management in agricultural crops

cajsa.lithell@slu.se Welcome to a case study-based, student-led workshop presentations and discussions on current and future One-Health challenges associated with plant protection in agriculture.

World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, where food begins”

World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, Where food begins” amanda.oberg@slu.se Agricultural soils are the foundation of our food supply. But to keep our soils capable of delivering such an important ecosystem

Seminar: TRACE-Soils Online Scientific Forum

Seminar: "Sustainable agriculture to support soil function and biodiversity" amanda.oberg@slu.se The TRACE-Soils project, funded by the EJP SOIL program, aims to identify the mechanisms

Eulogy of a Rock Star – Professor Jan Stenlid is retiring

“Are you one of Jan Stenlid’s students!? He is the rock star of forest pathology!” These words, just as hopelessly nerdy as they are endearing, were spoken in the utmost awe to Jan Stenlids

Open Meeting FDC

Open meeting SLU Skogsskadecentrum katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to the Open Meeting of the SLU Forest Damage Centre on 19-20 January at the Aronsborg conference centre in Bålsta. The meeting is


Program for the symposium "Breaking new grounds in forest pathology", an international symposium in honor of Professor Jan Stenlid. 22 September 17.00-18.00: Registration and mingle 18.00-21.00: