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Department of Forest Resource Management

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National forest estimates

An important part of remote sensing is to continuously develop methods for producing national raster databases with estimated variables. An important part of the remote sensing activities is to

Undergraduate and Master's Studies

Within Forest Remote Sensing we conduct teaching in geographical information technology (GIT) and remote sensing. At the undergraduate level at the Master of forestry program we teach the basics of

Undergraduate and Master's Studies

Our Department provides courses in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Technology (GIT), Forest Inventory, Forest Panning, Forest Mathematical Statistics and Organization and Leadership. You


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Work with us

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About us

Our vision: We lead in the advancement of knowledge and in the development of effective processes for the sustainable development of natural resources, are the sector's natural choice for

Drylands Transform summing up 2021

Every year has its own challenges and this year Covid-19 has been one of them. However, during 2021 Drylands Transform has started work in four study sites in the borders of Kenya and Uganda and the

Large losses of carbon dioxide from mires during the autumn

A new study shows that the storage of carbon dioxide in waterlogged peat of northern mires is not stable. Rapid transport of carbon dioxide to the surface occurs every autumn. This has been found by

Planning and analysis with the Heureka system - a forest decision support system

This distans learning course is given in Swedish only. Please visit the Swedish course page for more information.

Improving berry yield prediction and mapping

The aim of this research project is to provide a decision basis for a sustainable management of edible berries and improve the mapping and forecasting of berry yields in the forest landscape. This is

Uganda inceptions Drylands Transform

10 hectares of land in each district were handed over to be used by Drylands Transform during the project period following a series of meetings between the Makerere University research team and Napak

Visiting researcher

These are former visiting researchers at our subject area. We look forward to meeting you. Langning Huo, Doctoral Student, 2018-2019 Mozhgan Zahribanhesari , Doctoral Student, 2018 Paul Treitz ,