Projects at Forest Remote Sensing

Last changed: 23 February 2024

FORWARDS: Towards an observatory for the resilience of european forests

The aim of the project is to create a basis for decision-making in practical forest management on a European and regional level. The project is expected to contribute with knowledge in environmental monitoring of forests, guidance in forest management and also through consideration of societal perspectives in decision-making processes related to the forest.

Contact: Ruben Valbuena

Financier: EU's Horizon Europe funding programme for research and innovation


Mistra Digital Forest

Mistra Digital Forest is a research programme that uses digitalisation to promote sustainable development in forestry.

The project do this by developing methods, models and digital tools that contribute to a digital forestry value chain that to pave the way for a circular bioeconomy.

Contact: Johan Holmgren

Webpage Mistra Digital Forest

SUPERB: Upscaling Forest Restoration

SUPERB (Systemic solutions for upscaling of urgent ecosystem restoration for forest-related biodiversity and ecosystem services) is a €20 million project funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the EU Green Deal to restore thousands of hectares of forest landscape across Europe. By linking practical and scientific knowledge to be synergistically transformed into action and building a large and powerful multi-stakeholder network, SUPERB is creating transformative change towards large-scale restoration.

Contact: Ruben Valbuena

Financier: EU's Horizon Europe funding programme for research and innovation

Webpage SUPERB

National Forest Data Lab

The National Forest Data Lab is an open platform for the entire forest sector. Businesses and public authorities are the intended main users and collaborators, however, the platform can also be used by, for example, academia, research institutes, interest groups and other interested parties. The National Forest Data Lab provides an infrastructure of digital programmable interfaces for accessing satellite data, forest related geodata, AI-methods and wall-to-wall maps. To facilitate data-driven innovation, new models, features and tools that enable analysis of changes, new wall-to-wall maps and AI analysis are being developed.

Contact: Anna-Lena Axelsson

Financier: Vinnova through Swedish Forest Agency

Webpage Naitional Forest Data Lab

Ljungberg's Laboratory

The Ljungberg's Laboratory is a student resource for assembling and analyse of remote sensing data, and a meeting place for students, researchers and companies.

Contact: Jonas Bohlin

Financier: Ljungbergsfonden

Webpage Ljungberg's Laboratory

TRANSFORMIT: Transforming forest management for multiple ecosystem services and nature conservation via the integrative approach

The aim of the project is to demonstrate and improve the effectiveness of integrative forest management to combine productive forestry and biodiversity conservation. TRANSFORMIT is coordinated by the European Forest Institute.

Contact: Ruben Valbuena

Project end date: 31 December 2027

Financier: Horizon Europe

Blog: The future of sustainable forest management grows with TRANSFORMIT - Resilience Blog (


MONIFUN: Co-creating a blueprint of a harmonised European Forest Multifunctionality Monitoring System

The primary aim of the MoniFun project is to create a blueprint for a comprehensive European Forest Multifunctionality Monitoring System (EFMMS). This system is designed to effectively tackle the challenges posed by climate change and environmental stressors, all while supporting climate action and the preservation of biodiversity. This research is essential because existing monitoring systems fall short in providing the necessary information for policymakers and stakeholders regarding Europe's multifunctional forests. The project is coordinated by Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Contact: Ruben Valbuena

Project end date: 31 December 2027

Financier: MoniFun is funded under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under project number 101134991.


AuroraSpace - Boosting Space Business

The project mission is to boost space businesses, enhance sustainability practices, and address pressing societal challenges in Aurora Interreg region. By fostering collaboration and generating new businesses, the project are not only advancing commercial processes but also paving the way for a sustainable future.

Contact: Henrik Persson

Financier: The project is partially financed by the EU Interreg Aurora program.