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Department of Urban and Rural Development

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The social economy of the forest

The project maps and analyzes the change in forestry in Småland over a long period of time by compiling information on ownership conditions, afforested land and ditching of forest and bog land, based

Who lived where

The project examines Stockholm's economic and social geography at the beginning of the 18th century. The aim is to spatially reconstruct and analyze housing patterns based on social affiliation,

Continuity and Change - Background and consequences of the Swedish enclosure movement c. 1749-1827

The project investigates the background of the Swedish enclosure movement, i.e. the run-up to the implementation of the enclosure movement as well as its actual implementation and consequences at

Comparative perspectives on agriculture and climate (AgriClim)

This research initiative is a collaboration between SLU, Uppsala University, and Stockholm University, bringing together agricultural science, climatology, archaeology and history, to explore the

Surviving Aridification – a Framework for Ancient Resilience (SAFAR)

The SAFAR project aims to develop a quantitative framework to understand the resilience of past communities impacted by a shift to drier climatic conditions (i.e., aridification). A uniform

Palaeoclimate change, the evolution of monsoon dynamics, and societal impacts in Southeast Asia

This project will compile existing palaeoclimate data across Southeast Asia and produce new speleothem-based (stalagmite) records from Thailand to reconstruct the shifting extent, strength and

History of East and Southeast Asia

This project is investigating the dynamics behind agricultural shifts in East and Southeast Asia from the beginning of agriculture (around 2,500 BCE) to the present. The main focus is on mapping

Division of Political Science and Natural Resource Governance

Division of Political Science and Natural Resource Governance was founded in 2023 and consists of the subject Political Science, the unit for environmental integration, and SLU Swedish Biodiversity

International symposium at Alnarp about managing public spaces

June 3–5, the subject group Landscape governance and management at SLU organizes an international symposium on management of the public spaces, which is aimed at researchers as well as practitioners.

DT Another MSc about to finish

Cecilia Ward received one of the last Minor Field Study scholarships at SLU in 2022. She used it to gather data for her MSc thesis within the Drylands Transform project in Kenya the year after. Now

Coastal perspectiuves

Coastal Perspectives – an exhibition on the challenges and possibilities in the ever-changing coastal landscapes anni.hoffren@slu.se Opening of the exhibition Coastal Perspectives at the Pufendorf

Art and Environmental communication

Welcome to our theme page! Here we present our ongoing work on art and environmental communication. Scholars, policymakers, and NGOs working in the field of sustainability have become increasingly