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Department of Urban and Rural Development

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Apply for funding for collaborative projects

March 15 is the deadline for applications for Movium Partnership's collaboration projects. Funding can be applied for by researchers at the LTV faculty with at least one partner for research projects

Researchers at SLU Landscape develop outdoor workplaces

The Vinnova-funded development project Innovation Arenas Markaryd has started up. It is about co-creative testing of prototypes for outdoor work and studies. The project is a collaboration between

Drylands Transform summing up 2021

Every year has its own challenges and this year Covid-19 has been one of them. However, during 2021 Drylands Transform has started work in four study sites in the borders of Kenya and Uganda and the

Celebration of 50 year anniversary of SLU programme

The Landscape Architecture Programme at SLU turns 50 years. On 16 November, there was a celebration with a round table talk, overview of the dynamic development of the programme, film premiere and

Välbefinnande och landskap – bortom natur

Nature's positive influence on health is widely known. Research has tended to focus primarily on the direct impact the environment has on human health, in line with the idea of "


Landscape management focuses on how urban open space management contributes to biodiversity, climate change adaptation and other ecosystem services. A vital part in research and education is how

Marcus Hedblom new professor

In September, Marcus Hedblom took on the new position as professor of landscape architecture with a focus on landscape management, at the Department of Urban and Rural Develpoment. A common thread

Just transition

This research project engages coalfield communities in India to develop a replicable framework for a just energytransition that is participatory, bottom-up and socially inclusive. Background In many


The department offers undergraduate courses, at basic and advanced level, in the subjects Environmental science, Landscape architecture and Rural development. We are responsible for the courses in


Here you find all scientific publications produced at the department, publications on Agrarian History, Environmental Communication, Landscape Architecture, Rural Development, Biodiversity and Nature

Profession & practice

In profession and practice, methods and theories are developed in relation to the landscape architect’s role, professional practice, landscape architectural processes and the landscape's change over

Worth Knowing Ultuna

Worth Knowing Ultuna – Swedish perspectives on an issue of life It's time for a new lecture in the popular series Worth Knowing. Now it is Research Group Leader Håkan Tunón at SLU Swedish