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Department of Urban and Rural Development

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Save the date! Workshop: Engage in the new phase of SIANI

Save the date! Workshop: Engage in the next phase of SIANI teresia.borgman@slu.se Increase your network, get support to reach out with research findings and learn more about SIANI (The Swedish

Agrarian history

Here we present our research activities - with projects and publications.

Landscape architecture

Here we present our research acivities - in projects and publications.

Dryland voices

During three weeks, a large household survey, including male and female respondents in 920 households, is carried out. The survey will try to capture the lives, choices and challenges faced by both

Seed money call for interdisciplinary research

teresia.borgman@slu.se To strengthen interdisciplinary research, Future Forests is launching a seed money call in subjects related to forest sciences and sustainable forestry development. Vad kan

Kuule Derick

With a background from a BSc in Environmental Sciences and an MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Studies, Kuule Derick Ansyijar has a good understanding of resource management in the


Here you find all scientific publications produced at the department, publications on Agrarian History, Environmental Communication, Landscape Architecture, Rural Development, Biodiversity and Nature


The department offers undergraduate courses, at basic and advanced level, in the subjects Environmental science, Landscape architecture and Rural development. We are responsible for the courses in

Thesis defence seminars SOL

Thesis defence seminars Dept of urban and rural development anna-maria.wremp@slu.se During three days, 1-3 June, the department's students will present and defend their thesis works. All

Pre-testing of household survey in Uganda

Earlier this year, four members of Drylands Transform were together in the field sites in Uganda conducting a pre-test of the household survey that is planned for June. The team was broad in their


Inspiration for joining the Interdisciplinary Academy at SLU futurefood@slu.se As the process of recruiting scientists to SLU's new Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) is starting, Marie Stenseke from

Interdisciplinary Academy

During an eight-month period, researchers with different academic backgrounds will have the opportunity to jointly increase knowledge of interdisciplinary working methods SLU. Participants within the