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Department of Plant Protection Biology

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SLU researchers' methods for measuring food waste are highlighted at the UN summit

On 23 September, the UN Food Systems Summit meeting was held, aiming to highlight and advance the urgent need of global transformation of the food systems. One of Sweden's official contributions to

Plant link 10 år

PlantLink is turning 10 years, and we celebrate this with a themed PlantLink day “PlantLink 10 year celebration – a look at the past 10 years and into the future” on Monday 27 September at Kulturen


Our research focuses on how agricultural and horticultural plants defend themselves against infestation by pests such as oomycetes and fungi.The goal is to identify genes for resistance properties

SLU Plant Protection Network kick-off

cajsa.lithell@slu.se Come, meet and connect with others at SLU working within plant protection or plant health. Get to know and help shaping our new SLU Plant Protection Network, and find out what

POSTPONED: Nationella växtskyddskonferensen 2021

POSTPONED: Swedish Plant Protection Conference 2021 cajsa.lithell@slu.se Please note that the conference has been postponed until 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic situation. The conference will

Chemical Ecology - Disease vectors

The chemical ecology of blood feeding insects is our field of research, with the primary focus on disease vector mosquitoes. Through a cross disciplinary approach, we investigate behaviours driven by


The Department of Plant Protection Biology is an interdisciplinary constellation with good opportunities for strong research collaboration within and outside the departmental area. Leading edge

How does malaria mosquitos evolve to bite humans?

Every year more than 200 million malaria cases are reported worldwide and approximately 400 thousand patients die due to the infection. Malaria is transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes. Some species of

CBC Highlights

SLU Centre for Biological Control, CBC, has now published the annual popular science overview of the activities during 2012. During the year, the SLU Centre for Biological Control published a number

Application support SLU Partnerskap Alnarp

SLU Partnership Alnarp announces this spring's project funding for collaborative research projects in the subject areas of agriculture, forestry and horticulture industries. This year you, as a

Africa’s compelling case for a different mode of partnership in agricultural research and development

Africa’s compelling case for a different mode of partnership in agricultural research and development malin.planting@slu.se Listen to and discuss with Dr. Tsedeke Abate from Homegrown Vision. Dr.

SLU’s strawberry app 1.0 – few reports but a lot of attention

This summer, gardeners throughout Sweden could report which organisms lived on their strawberries, such as insects, birds and diseases. The SLU team behind the strawberry app had hoped for more