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Department of Plant Protection Biology

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Call to attend conferences in plant protection

The SLU Plant Protection Network is launching a special call for researchers at SLU for attending conferences relevant to their study subject or project work within the area of plant protection/plant

Healthy harvest in a changing climate

As a contribution to towards Stockholm+50 – and to mark the first ever UN International Day of Plant Health (12 May) – SLU together with CGIAR partners recently held a webinar on the theme of

Ecosystem resilience for farm resilience

Ecosystem resilience for farm resilience malin.planting@slu.se As a yearly event the agroecology students organize an agroecology day. Welcome! Alnarp, Sweden Teun Dekker, Researcher at the 

Mudassir Iqbal receives royal award for research on biocontrol

Researcher Mudassir Iqbal has received an award for research on biological pesticides from King Carl XVI Gustaf 50th Anniversary Fund for Science, Technology and Environment. The scholarship was

Malaria Day

Today, we pay attention to malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases because it is World Malaria Day. Established by the World Health Organization (WHO), the day is an opportunity to highlight the

Plant Health seminar

Healthy harvests in a changing climate agnes.bondesson@slu.se Plant health film Smallholder plant health in a changing climate - harnessing nature-based solutions. A seven minute film about plant

Longer shelf-life and healthier strawberries

A biocontrol fungus has been demonstrated to decrease gray mold substantially in strawberry plants when vectored by bumblebees. This led to improved shelf life of the harvested strawberries with

Nationella växtskyddskonferensen 2022

Swedish Plant Protection Conference 2022 cajsa.lithell@slu.se Welcome to the Swedish Plant Protection Conference 2022! The conference will mainly be held in Swedish, but contributions in English

How does malaria mosquitos evolve to bite humans?

Every year more than 200 million malaria cases are reported worldwide and approximately 400 thousand patients die due to the infection. Malaria is transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes. Some species of

SLU Centre for Biological Control's annual report 2021

SLU Centre for Biological Control, CBC, has now published the annual popular science overview of the activities during 2021. Besides research and innovation, there was a marked increase in CBC’s

POSTPONED: Nationella växtskyddskonferensen 2021(2)

POSTPONED: Swedish Plant Protection Conference 2021 Please note that the conference has been postponed until 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic situation. The conference will mainly be held in

Chemical Ecology - Disease vectors

The chemical ecology of blood feeding insects is our field of research, with the primary focus on disease vector mosquitoes. Through a cross disciplinary approach, we investigate behaviours driven by