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Faculty of Forest Sciences (S)

The Faculty of Forest Sciences has 13 departments and units, over 500 employees, approximately 700 students, and nearly 200 research students. Most of the departments and the faculty management are based in Umeå.

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Former student deceased in Ukraine war

Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre has been reached by the tragic news that one of our former students has died in Ukraine. Semen Oblomei was a student of the master programme Euroforester

Save the date! Workshop: Engage in the new phase of SIANI

Save the date! Workshop: Engage in the next phase of SIANI teresia.borgman@slu.se Increase your network, get support to reach out with research findings and learn more about SIANI (The Swedish

Undergraduate and Master's Studies

Our Department provides courses in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Technology (GIT), Forest Inventory, Forest Panning, Forest Mathematical Statistics and Organization and Leadership. You

PhD course broadens our perspectives on sustainable development

Many parts of the world are losing their wild animal species rapidly. At the same time, other parts of the world experience conflicts such as damage to crops and forests, as the number of wildlife

SILVA PhD Course - Monitoring Biodiversity for Science and Conservation

SILVA PhD course - Monitoring Biodiversity for Science and Conservation navinder.singh@slu.se SILVA – Faculty of Forest Sciences Research School Umeå Free nasi

Doctoral and Licentiate Studies

We train doctors and licentiates to become researchers with high international competence in Forest Resource Management, Technology and Mathematical Statistics. The training is four and two years

Landscape visualization

Visualization is a tool used to illustrate the future landscape given different scenarios and also to show historical events and changes in landscape. Building a visualized landscape requires a

IDA-Reflektioner kring tvärvetenskaplig forskning med exempel från livsmedelsforskning-eng

Reflections on Interdisciplinary research with examples from food research futurefood@slu.se Welcome to the second part of a series of lunch webinars on interdisciplinary science at SLU. In this


Projects at Forest Remote Sensing Can spruce bark beetle infestation in forests be detected in time series with radar measurements? Collection of data and further development of database at

Undergraduate and Master's Studies

Within Forest Remote Sensing we conduct teaching in geographical information technology (GIT) and remote sensing. At the undergraduate level at the Master of forestry program we teach the basics of

Masters Theses

Within the Remote Sensing area it's possible to work with digital data from sensors such as distancemeasuring lasers, electro-optical sensors (including digital cameras) and radar. Sensor platforms

More about Forest Remote Sensing

In Forest Remote Sensing, we develop and validate remote sensing methods that can be used in forest management planning and terrestrial environmental analysis/assessment. Remote sensing data are