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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH)

The VH faculty's mission is to conduct high-quality academic research and teaching in the field of veterinary medicine and animal science. We are engaged in most aspects of the life and welfare of domestic animals.

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Worth knowing in Uppsala

The events consist of short lectures about SLU research. The university’s research dares to question established knowledge and aims to solve real problems for a living world. Everyone is welcome. The

Feed ingredients for farmed fish – an opportunity for Sweden

Fish can be farmed with low environmental impact and without antibiotics. What is lacking is domestic feed ingredients for fish feed that do not compete with our own food, and that suits the fish.

Who asks the farmed fish?

Today, more than half of the fish we eat globally are raised in fish farms and the proportion originating from farming continue to increase. Unfortunately, there are some problems associated with

Hang your hat on fish welfare!

All fish kept by humans must be stunned before slaughter. However, how to do this in an ethically defensible manner is unclear. The lack of knowledge when it comes to stunning methods for fish is

Insects as feed for trout

A problem with fish farming is that commercial fish feed contains fishmeal and fish oil. These raw materials are expensive and not very sustainable, because the already high demand for fish risks

Improved utilization of regionally grown protein feeds for Swedish dairy cows

The goal with this project was to make it possible for Swedish dairy farms to replace imported, soy based protein feed with on farm processed concentrate based on home-grown or regionally grown


At our Department, we educate at undergraduate level, advanced level and research level. Our teaching encompass a broad competence area from nutrient metabolism and feed science to management and

Webinar: Methods for sustainable animal production at the farm level

Webinar: Methods for sustainable animal production at the farm level janne.nordlund.othen@slu.se How do we implement sustainability at the farm level from crop to cow? Agriculture is facing major

GS-VMAS Newsletters

GS-VMAS newsletters, with information on upcoming PhD Courses and other activites, are published 3-4 times per year and sent per mail to VH-alla Published newsletters 2021 Newsletter September -21

SustAinimal Academy has started up their doctoral students

This spring, SustAinimal began the recruitment of the center's doctoral students. Now they are in place. Five doctoral students have been admitted to SustAinimal Academy, the center’s career

Economic effects of improved animal welfare in livestock and pigs at slaughter

Animal welfare at slaughter has recently caught increased public attention and slaughterhouse businesses face the challenge of potentially high costs for animal welfare improvements. However,

Influence of environmental and host factors on the gut microbiome and lipid metabolism in salmonid fishes

The goal is to improve our understanding of the environmental impact and influence of host animal factors on intestinal microbiota and lipid metabolism in salmon. Climate change, pollution and