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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH)

The VH faculty's mission is to conduct high-quality academic research and teaching in the field of veterinary medicine and animal science. We are engaged in most aspects of the life and welfare of domestic animals.

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Analytical laboratory in Umeå

THV's analytical laboratory is situated at SLU on campus and also include a gas in vitro laboratory. Analytical laboratory The analytical lab is found of floor five in the SLU building on campus. It

Three million for research to help flat-faced dogs and cats

Flat-faced dogs and cats often suffer from health conditions caused by their flat head shape, negatively affecting their quality of life. Now, the Swedish Animal Welfare Association is contributing

KV FUnktionell LivsLängd (FULL) - ett bättre mått på mjölkkors livslängd

The goal of this project is to develop FULL – FUnctional Length of Life of a dairy cow – a metric that combines length of life with how well the cow “functions” in her environment/herd, and that can

GDPR:Therese Rhen and Elke Hartmann

Here you can find the document: GDPR: Information on how SLU processes personal data when participating in the study: Assessment of anticipatory behaviour and emotional states in horses

Our services

Research performed at the Aquatic Facility of the Centre for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, focuses on the biological evaluation of novel feed ingredients in freshwater fish. The laboratory

Improved calf performance in small-scale dairy production in Southern Vietnam

The purpose of this project was to identify which routines in the handling of the commercial dairy calf can be improved on the small-scale dairy farms in Vietnam. Dairy production is rather new in

More about SITES

The infrastructure at Röbäcksdalen has excellent conditions for teaching, research, and applied studies in crop production, soil science, climate studies, feeding of forages, and ecosystem studies in

Equine Science Unit

The information is only available in Swedish. Read in english about the equine science programme


The research at the Beijer Laboratory for Animal Science (BLAS) aims to make better use of data automatically collected at high-tech farms so that management and breeding of future generations of


SLU takes interdisciplinarity forward futurefood@slu.se Save the date: Welcome to discuss how SLU as a university can be strengthened through interdisciplinarity in research and education. How


Call to attend conferences related to breeding The SLU Breeding Network announces a special call to support SLU researchers and students in attending conferences related to animal or plant breeding


IDA: Interdisciplinarity for better natural resource management and food production in rooftop greenhouses futurefood@slu.se Save the date: Welcome to an inspiring day about interdisciplinary