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Department of Clinical Sciences

The Department of Clinical Sciences conducts education and research in clinical and comparative veterinary medicine and animal care.

Clinical Sciences

The Department of Clinical Sciences conducts education, research and postgraduate education in the fields of veterinary medicine and animal care. We contribute to continuous knowledge development about animal health and diseases at both individual and population level. The information we convey must be scientifically based.

The department's activities mainly concern our usual Swedish domesticated animal species (pets) with a focus on anesthesiology, imaging, animal care, epidemiology, experimental animal science, surgery, clinical chemistry, medicine and pet reproduction.

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The department conducts high-quality clinical veterinary research. The research is conducted on the animal species horse, cattle, pig, dog, cat and rodent. The focus is on animal diseases, animal health and animal welfare in both the individual animal and animal populations, but the animals are also used as models for human diseases.

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At the Department of Clinical Sciences, we provide courses in individual and population-based clinical veterinary medicine for students in the veterinary program and the veterinary nurse program.

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External courses

We offer course packages or commissioned training adapted to your wishes.


Our clinics

Our clinics in ruminant medicine and reproduction.



Laboratories in reproductive research, clinical metabolism research and clinical molecular research

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Contact information for you who want to visit us or send something to us.

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