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Radar using satellites as a platform can be used for mapping forests across large areas. The technology is similar to lidar (laser scanning) using electromagnetic waves but is less affected by e.g.

Optical satellite images

Satellites with optical sensors generate images of the Earth over relatively large areas and are useful in the production of vegetation maps or to estimate specific vegetation parameters. The sensors

Digital photogrammetry

Digital Photogrammetry is the creation of three dimensional (3D) point cloud data by applying image matching to overlapping digital images. The meaning of photogrammetry is to "measure with light",

Laser scanning

Laser scanning measures positions on objects using light pulses. Measurement coordinates are used to calculate forest area statistics and estimate different forest parameters. In airborne laser

More about Forest Remote Sensing

In Forest Remote Sensing, we develop and validate remote sensing methods that can be used in forest management planning and terrestrial environmental analysis/assessment. Remote sensing data are

Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences

At the NJ Faculty, we conduct a wide range of research, teaching and environmental monitoring and assessment in the fields of agriculture and environment.. Examples are sustainable food production,

Level and depth descriptors of courses in the first cycle (BSc- level) and second cycle (MSc-level) at SLU

G1N Courses in the first cycle with entry requirements only from upper secondary school. Previous level and depth descriptors: AB G1F Courses in the first cycle with less than 60 credits in the main

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

How can we use natural resources in a sustainable way? What are the conflicts that can arise when different interests collide? Explore this with us in this course! In the summer of 2022, the course

The Swedish Way

Wondering what it's like to study in Sweden? Let us tell you. Sweden is a country of opportunities. It’s a place of forest, mountains and lakes. But it’s also a place for innovation and

Living in Sweden

Free speech, free press and transparency. Welcome to Sweden.

How to apply

Sweden has a unique application system that is coordinated between all universities. You can apply for programmes and courses at different universities on the same application. There are several

Student life

Make the most out of your time at SLU! Studying at SLU is not just about attending lectures and seminars. There are plenty of things to do in your free-time.