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SLU Alnarp

SLU Alnarp focuses on landscape architecture, horticulture, plant production and southern Swedish forestry and agriculture. Alnarp has around 900 students studying within these fields. The Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science har its base in Alnarp.

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Welcome ceremony for all new programme students autumn 2024

utb-webb@slu.se Welcome to SLU! The roll-call day begins with a joint welcome ceremony for all new programme students. After the welcome ceremony, each programme proceeds to a separate room where

Climate Conversation for SLU employees and students

How can we produce food throughout Sweden in the shadow of climate change? futurefood@slu.se We welcome researchers, other staff and students at SLU to this internal webinar within SLU's series of

Doctoral award ceremony 2024

Doctoral award ceremony 2024 helena.pennlov@slu.se The doctoral award ceremony will take place on Saturday 5 October. A number of new doctors and jubilee doctors as well as 6 honorary doctors will

Statistical methods - an overview

Statistical methods - an overview, 4.5 hp hilda.edlund@slu.se The Ph. D. course will be given in Alnarp, 20 Jan – 28 Feb 2025. Prior knowledge A basic course in statistics is required. The course

Ph. D. course Statistics I - Basic Statistics

Statistics I: Basic statistics, 4 hp hilda.edlund@slu.se The Ph. D. course will be given in Alnarp, 21 Apr - 7 May 2025. Objective, including learning outcomes The objective of the course is to

LAM portfolio

To be fully eligible for some of the courses within the Landscape Architecture Master's programme, you need to submit a portfolio according to the instructions. When is a portfolio required? Some

Thesis Day 2024

Thesis Day 2024 was held at Ultuna and Alnarp campuses and included a poster exhibition, oral presentations, an award ceremony, as well as a much appreciated closing ceremony where the students

Beech forest excursion

May 21 the Swedish Forest Agency along with Stiftelsen Skånska landskap and SLU, arranged an excursion on the theme of continuous cover forestry in beech forests. Most beech forests in Sweden are

Site preparation, fungi and dormancy mechanism - what affects the birch?

Site preparation seems to benefit birch seedlings, according to Trees For Me’s PhD student Kinga Stolarek who investigates how to facilitate the initial stages of the birch seedling’s life. Kinga

Diss Martin Friberg

Gene editing for increased tuber protein utilization in potato (Solanum tuberosum) lotta.malmborg@slu.se Martin Friberg, Department of Plant Breeding, defends the thesis "Gene editing for increased

International symposium at Alnarp about managing public spaces

June 3–5, the subject group Landscape governance and management at SLU organizes an international symposium on management of the public spaces, which is aimed at researchers as well as practitioners.


Adolescent outdoor life and well-being lotta.malmborg@slu.se Mark Wales defends the thesis "Adolescent outdoor life and well-being". LTV Faculty Crafoordsalen, Navet Alnarp Link to the thesis "