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Last changed: 08 April 2024
View of Alnarp from above.

The Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV faculty) is mainly located in Alnarp, in the centre of Sweden’s most dynamic agricultural, horticultural and food producing region, within a stone’s throw from the ocean.

Campus Alnarp is close to the student towns of Malmö and Lund, and to the metropolitan life in Copenhagen.

But the faculty also has part of its education and research in landscape architecture at SLU in Uppsala.

There is a broad network of contacts thanks to extensive collaboration projects with industry, authorities and organisations.

Short facts about the LTV faculty

Students: 1,180
Employees: 550
Professors: 34
Doctoral students: 87
Turnover: SEK 627 million, external financing degree 44 %

(From the annual report of 2023.)


Education has long traditions in Alnarp. There has been higher education here in landscape, garden and agriculture for a long time. The place with its historical environment combined with greenery and modern teaching attracts many new students. Currently, approximately 1,200 students are studying on campus.

Study programmes offered at SLU Alnarp

Bachelor's level

The following programmes are given in Swedish:

  • Agricultural and Rural Management (3 years)
  • Horticultural Management – Gardening and Horticultural Production (3 years)
  • Horticultural Management – Design (3 years)
  • Landscape Architect, Alnarp and Uppsala (5 years) Note - courses at advanced level are taught in English
  • Landscape Engineer, Alnarp and Uppsala (3 years)

Master's level (2-year programmes)

The following programmes are given in English, except "Hållbar stadsutveckling" and "Skogsbruk med många mål"


Freestanding courses can also be read by you who are not currently a student at SLU. You can search for courses in different subjects in our course database or at universityadmissions.se.

More links about studies

Contact person regarding education at the LTV faculty

Kristin Andersson, Education Officer
040-41 50 03, kristin.andersson@slu.se

Doctoral studies

The doctoral education at the LTV faculty is conducted in the fields of landscape architecture, horticultural science, agricultural science, technology and biology.

Contact person regarding doctoral education at the LTV faculty

Åsa Lankinen, Vice Dean, responsible for education at doctoral level (PhD)
asa.lankinen@slu.se, 040-41 53 67


The LTV faculty has a long tradition of research in landscape architecture, horticulture and plant production science. A subject area that has been added recently within the faculty regards animal environment and building function.

The global challenge is to provide the world's growing population with food, clean water, fiber, materials and energy, using sustainable methods. The research at the LTV faculty contributes in many ways to the emergence of a bio-based economy.

Two major joint forces for research and collaboration at the faculty are SLU Landscape and SLU Horticulture.

More about the research is described on the LTV departments' web pages.

Contact persons regarding research at the LTV faculty

Lena Ekelund Axelson, Vice Dean, responsible for research in food and horticulture, lena.ekelund@slu.se, 040-41 50 79

Tomas Österman, Research Officer, tomas.osterman@slu.se, tel. 040-41 50 37


Collaboration with the surrounding society is one of the university's fundamental missions, and the LTV faculty is a brilliant example of intensive collaboration and interaction with the surrounding society.

Contact person regarding collaboration at the LTV faculty

Kristina Santén, External Collaboration Coordinator,
Unit for Collaboration and Development
kristina.santen@slu.se, tel: 073-020 9088

Environmental assessment

SLU's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment meets society's need for decision support, including support for Sweden's national environmental objectives and international environmental cooperation.

The LTV faculty is responsible for one of SLU's twelve environmental monitoring programmes, the Built environment programme. The focus of the programme is the city and its environment. The results are intended to help in the achievement of the Sweden's environmental quality objective "Good Built Environment" as well as Sweden's international commitments on urban and peri-urban environments.

Contact persons regarding environmental monitoroing and assessment at the LTV faculty

Karl Lövrie, Deputy Dean, LTV faculty
karl.lovrie@slu.se, 040-415439, 073-0242261

Harald Klein, coordinator of the Built environment programme
harald.klein@slu.se, 0706-25 80 17

Special resources at the LTV faculty

We have many unique resources at the LTV faculty - ranging from laboratories, climate chambers to the entire Alnarp park. You are warmly welcome to visit our facilities, or to visit the resources' websites. 

SLU Alnarp

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SLU Uppsala

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