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Future Food

SLU Future Food focuses on Swedish food production and food in a wide sense, both animal and vegetable products. Several aspects are covered, from soil use and primary production to processing, consumption and residual products.

There are 238 pages tagged with SLU Future Food:

SLU YI Musikhjälpen

The three high school students who represented SLU during the Global Youth Institute in USA in October, have on their own initiative started a collection box for this year's theme at Musikhjälpen -

Seminar: Drivers for Change – Efforts to reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics in animal production

Seminar: Drivers for Change – Efforts to reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics in animal production futureonehealth@slu.se This seminar focuses on ways forward to reduce inappropriate use of

Gut bacteria determine how whole grains are broken down

The effects of whole grain rye bread on gut microbiota were studied in a fermentation study in laboratory and in a dietary intervention study in which the study subjects consumed a high amount of

You never know the consequences of one conversation

“Humans are amazing! If you put them in a room and allow them to be who they are, allow them to bring all of themselves, not just their intellectual part, we hear wonderful stories. You never know

National Aquaculture Conference 2024

National Aquaculture Conference 2024 aquaculture@slu.se This time we meet in Umeå! The National Aquaculture Conference provides new knowledge, inspiration and an overview on practice, innovation,

Blå mat på rätt sätt

The new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) clearly state that blue food is the food of the future. But how do we make it happen? At the annual conference of the Blue Food research programme, in

Potential i nya rön om klimat och jordbruksmark från EJP SOIL

Research on the role of agricultural soil for the climate has come a long way, it was noted during a webinar recently arranged by SLU and the research program EJP SOIL. The program's broad approach


Design Thinking for interdisciplinary collaborations and knowledge transfer futurefood@slu.se The methodology Design Thinking is especially suited for interdisciplinary research projects as it

EU:s nya markdirektiv har potential men kräver ändringar

The European Commission's proposal for a directive to protect and restore soil, the Soil Monitoring Law, has the potential to contribute to more sustainable land use. In the long term, it would

SLU and Botildenborg strengthen collaboration and co-create a new Living Lab

The Botildenborg Foundation in Malmö uses food and cultivation to contribute to practical solutions for social, economic and ecological sustainability. Together with SLU Urban Futures, a joint Living

Climate conversation

SLU Climate Conversations & GCUA 2030 webinar: Food security and the humanitarian-development-peace nexus agnes.bondesson@slu.se SLU Global, SLU’s Future Platforms, and the Global Challenges

Översvämningar och torka i jordbruket – Effekter, utmaningar och åtgärder

Floodings and droughts in agriculture - effects, challenges and measures markmiljo-webb@slu.se On the occasion of World Soil Day, we invite those of you who work with agriculture and soil and water