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Future Food

SLU Future Food focuses on Swedish food production and food in a wide sense, both animal and vegetable products. Several aspects are covered, from soil use and primary production to processing, consumption and residual products.

There are 241 pages tagged with SLU Future Food:

Visualising the future

Visualising the future - with Garry Peterson (Stockholm Resilience Centre) and Susanna Barrineau (SLU) futurefood@slu.se Futures Lab webinar and discussion with Garry Peterson (Stockholm Resilience

Workshop om rapsens möjligheter

Workshop on the possibilities of rapeseed ida.andersson@slu.se Students at SLU and Lund University are invited to a workshop focusing on the possibilities of rapeseed. Study visit to a rapeseed

Apply for funding from SIANI-SLU Global

The aim of this call is to support SLU researchers or other staff to engage with SIANI-SLU Global and communicate research. The funding is for activities to be implemented during autumn 2022.


SLU’s Futures Lab 2.0 invites researchers, teachers and students to take part in a series of presentations and dialogues on our futures. Exploring the use and value of futures studies, fostering the

Sustainable aquatic feeds for resilient aquatic food systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

SLU is the academic partner in a collaborative WorldFish project in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project will run until 2027 and aims to increase the income and improve food security of 5,000 smallholder

Climate conversations 2021

SLU Global and the future platforms are organising a serie of climate conversations during 2021 and 2022. There will be webinars open for anyone to join and some for SLU-staff only. Please see

SLU researchers in a debate article on the climate crisis: Enough is enough!

A debate article by some SLU employees has created ripples across the Swedish research world. Signatures have poured in from scientists and employees at 45 different universities and research

Dissertation - Towards sustainable livestock systems: Developing and applying tools for broad sustainability assessment of pig and cattle systems

Towards sustainable livestock systems: Developing and applying tools for broad sustainability assessment of pig and cattle systems patrik.claesson@slu.se Stanley Zira defends her thesis: Towards

Futures Lab

The Futures Lab at SLU is a joint project between the future platforms SLU Future Food and SLU Urban Futures. The purpose of the Futures Lab is to strengthen the participants' and, by extension,

Apply for seed money from SLU Future Food

SLU Future Food announces seed funding to write applications to Formas' call "Sustainable and resilient food systems in uncertain times". Size of the grant: Two applications with a SLU researcher as

How does the war in Ukraine affect global food security?

The war in Ukraine is having an extreme impact on the people of the country. In addition to the enormous suffering and the great need for humanitarian aid, the war has other consequences. One of them

Workshop: Engage in the new phase of SIANI

Workshop: Engage in the next phase of SIANI teresia.borgman@slu.se Increase your network, get support to reach out with research findings and learn more about SIANI (The Swedish International