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Future Food

SLU Future Food focuses on Swedish food production and food in a wide sense, both animal and vegetable products. Several aspects are covered, from soil use and primary production to processing, consumption and residual products.

There are 225 pages tagged with SLU Future Food:

THE Impact rank 2023 en

SLU is climbing in rankings, making the top 201–300 of the 1,591 higher education institutions evaluated in The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023. For goal 2, Zero Hunger, SLU is ranked

Help us sample wild strawberries!

Wild strawberries grow across almost all of Europe and are constantly exposed to microbial pathogens which may cause plant diseases. We need your help collecting wild strawberry plants to investigate

Vad vet vi om det perenna spannmålet Kernza?

What do we know about the perennial cereal Kernza? partnerskapalnarp@slu.se Welcome to a field walk and seminar about the perennial cereal Kernza. Kernza. Photo: Linda-Maria Dimitrova Mårtensson


Novel Methods for Resistance Breeding in Winter Wheat lotta.malmborg@slu.se Mustafa Zakieh, department of Plant Protection, defends the thesis "Novel Methods for Resistance Breeding in Winter Wheat

SLU takes interdisciplinarity forward

SLU takes interdisciplinarity forward futurefood@slu.se Welcome to an afternoon that discusses how SLU as a university can be strengthened through interdisciplinary in research and education. How

Futures of Agriculture and Multifunctional landscapes

Futures of Agriculture and Multifunctional landscapes: The thematic groups of IDA 22/23 present their findings futurefood@slu.se Welcome to an inspiring day about interdisciplinary research and

Meat: the Four Futures

Are our choices in the grocery store based on facts, values, habits, or simply a gut feeling of what feels right? TABLE, a platform run by three European universities, is now launching a podcast that

Clover in oat fields supports pollinators and suppresses weeds

Intercropping of cereals with legumes such as clovers hold great potential to create more biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural fields. The undersown plant mixtures can be tailored to

Climate conversation: Communicating

SLU Global and SLU Future Forests recently hosted a climate conversation about communicating research for climate action. The webinar was part of a series of webinar inviting speakers to talk about

Tough times for brown trout in a warmer world

Climate has large effects on the distribution of organisms, and species that thrive in cold water, like the brown trout, may face local population extinctions at lower latitudes when the water

Launching: the film about Campus Alnarp

In the new film, you meet some of all the creative people at SLU Campus Alnarp working to solve vital questions. Hear them tell about the significance of the research environments and the place where

Joint initiative to find future feed for fish, poultry and pigs

The project “The feed of the future for fish, pigs, poultry and laying hens” led by Axfoundation and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) brings together researchers and practitioners