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The Heureka system consists of a series of software used on different issues regarding forestry analysis, planning and ecosystem services. The software's can be applied on single stands as well as entire landscapes. The Heureka system is developed and administered by the research program Forest Sustainability Analysis at the Department for Forest Resource Management.

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Combining local and scientific knowledge benefits forest management

How, why and for whom should forest be managed? PhD student Isabella Hallberg-Sramek identified these as key questions underlying forest conflicts and expectations on forests in Sweden. Together with

Flexible choices for sustainable forestry

Production forests constitute 53 percent of Sweden’s land area, and more than half of it is owned by private forest owners. Despite owners having different goals, most forests are managed in the same


PlanWise is a powerful analysis and planning tool that has a wide range of applications both in terms of the size of the geographical area of analysis and the type of questions that can be addressed.