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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

National Inventories of Landscapes in Sweden, NILS

NILS has developed into a national environmental monitoring program umbrella under which a number of monitoring programs are gathered:

The basic inventory 2003-2020

Seashores 2009-

Grasslands 2020-

Descidious forest 2020-

The mountain area 2003-2020

NILS is mainly funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and an important objective is to provide information for follow-up of the Swedish national environmental objectives and the Natura 2000 network. NILS also contributes data to environmental research and international reporting.

Contacthenrik.hedenas@slu.se, 090-786 86 41 and hans.gardfjell@slu.se, 090-786 82 41

Published: 07 December 2020 - Page editor: pernilla.christensen@slu.se