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NILS Deciduos Forest Inventory

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has commissioned us to enhance the collection of data on deciduous forests, thus serving as a supplement to the National Forest Inventory's data collection. 

The Purpose of Our Inventory: 

Deciduous forests are relatively relatively uncommon and additional data is required on all types of deciduous forests, particularly those with high ecological value (as identified in Annex 1 of the EU's Habitat Directive), such as old deciduous forests, broad-leaf forests and deciduous swamp woods. 

What We Inventory: 

NILS Deciduous Forest Inventory includes all deciduous forests over 50 years old, even those that have been affected by forestry measures. To be classified as deciduous forest, the stand must be at least 0.1 hectares in size, with a crown cover of at least 10% and deciduous trees making up at least 50% of the total basal area. Planted deciduous trees on intentionally landscaped areas, such as avenues, plots, or mowed parks, are not included in the inventory, but deciduous stands on previously cultivated land are included. 

Published: 15 May 2024 - Page editor: pernilla.christensen@slu.se