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Veterinary nursing

Veterinary nursing is one of SLU's main educational subjects. It includes nursing and nursing planning at different states of disease and also during rehabilitation. An ethical view is important for the nursing of animals, and the animals well-fare is in focus. Also the interaction with the animal owners is important.

There are 56 pages tagged with Veterinary nursing:

NCP Slaughter and killing

SCAW is Sweden's national contact point for slaughter and other types of killing

New insights into rein tension and driveability associated with racetrack training of Standardbred trotters

How much power or tension is there in the reins when a trotting horse runs at full speed on the track, and should drivers trust their gut feeling? Elke Hartmann from SLU has investigated this in


The Livestock Antimicrobial Partnership (LAMP) is an action network that works with tackling microbial resistance by drawing on practical experience and knowledge from its partners in different parts

Online courses

Here you will find recorded seminars and online courses in English. Most of our seminars and courses are in Swedish. Please visit the Swedish version of this page for information about seminars and

Seminars and courses

Here you will find information about, and registration to, upcoming seminars or courses in English. Most of our seminars and courses are in Swedish. To see upcoming seminars and courses in Swedish,

Contact SCAW

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Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare (SCAW)

SCAW is the national center for animal welfare in Sweden. SCAW works nationally, but also internationally, with animal welfare issues.


NordCAW (Nordic Network for Communicating Animal Welfare) is a Nordic co-operation to communicate within animal welfare. SCAW is one of the initiators of the project.

International projects

Here you can find infomation about our international projects and collaborations.

National projects

You can find information about ongoing projects at SCAW on the swedish version of this page.


Here you will find publications from the Swedish Center for Animal Welfare.

Seminars and courses

SCAW offers a number of seminars and courses focusing on animal welfare. Several of the seminars are streamed and/or recorded and can be viewed afterwards, online, via our website.