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Veterinary nursing

Veterinary nursing is one of SLU's main educational subjects. It includes nursing and nursing planning at different states of disease and also during rehabilitation. An ethical view is important for the nursing of animals, and the animals well-fare is in focus. Also the interaction with the animal owners is important.

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Department of Biosystems and Technology

At the Department of Biosystems and Technology we explore interactions between soil, plants, animals, environment, climate and humans in systems for sustainable production of food and renewable raw

OIE reference centre

The Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare (SCAW), together with the Italian counterpart, IZSAM, forms a joint OIE-reference Centre for Animal welfare.


NordCAW (Nordic Network for Communicating Animal Welfare) is a Nordic co-operation to communicate within animal welfare. SCAW is one of the initiators of the project.

Novel insights into the welfare of farmed fish

Just like pigs, chicken and cows, farmed fish are protected by Swedish animal welfare legislation, but there is a great lack of knowledge about how fish should be kept, cared for, handled and finally

AI in veterinary clinical diagnostics

Great progress is being made today in human medical diagnostics with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). In human medicine AI is for example used to interpret ultrasound and X-rays. In

New method for examining anthelmintic resistance of the equine roundworm

The development of anthelmintic resistance in the equine roundworm is an increasing problem for foals in Sweden and the rest of the world. Infections can cause symptoms such as nasal discharge, cough

Microfluidics - new parasite diagnostic method for horses

Horses are exposed to parasites in the pasture as they graze, and all horses have parasitic worm infections to some degree. Keeping many horses on a relatively small surface, which is common,

Reference groups

SCAW is represented in several working and reference groups. SCAW has representatives in: The Ministry of Trade and Industry's national animal welfare network The Ministry of Trade and Industry's

About SCAW

SCAW is a national center for animal welfare, located at SLU. Our mission is to provide continuing education and to relay scientifically based knowledge to authorities and other actors.


You can find information about ongoing projects at SCAW on the swedish version of this page.

Previous projects

SCAW has previously participated in several projects and collaborations. You can find a short summary of them here.


SCAW is Sweden's national contact point for slaughter and other types of killing