More material on slaughter and other types of killing

Last changed: 08 December 2022

EU material

In some cases, there are stricter national regulations than in the EU. If Swedish regulations are stricter, these are the ones that apply in Sweden. The EU material below should therefore be seen as guidelines.

Guides for animal transport

EU Commission material for animal welfare during transport

A series of videos concerning animal welfare during transport are being produced by the European Commission. The films are shown on Youtube, see links below:

Good and Better practices in Cattle Transport

Good and Better practices in Pig Transport

Good and Better practices in Sheep Transport

Good and Better practices in Horse Transport


Animal welfare at slaughter

During 2022, a thematic subgroup under the EU Animal Welfare Platform (with experts, national representatives, governmental authorities and the industry) has discussed the current and future EU legislation on animal welfare at slaughter. This is part of the large work on evaluating and updating the EU common legislation on animal welfare, as part of the ‘Farm-to-Fork’ strategy. Meeting protocols and copies of several of the presentations given at the meetings, can be found here Animal welfare at the time of killing (

EU document – gudie for good praxis, animal welfare nd slaughter

Fact sheet about animal handling at slauther and other types of killing (the fact sheets are available in several languages)

Film about animal handling at slaughter and other types of killing (subtitles are available in sveral languages)