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Ecology is the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment.

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Department of Crop Production Ecology

Department of Crop Production Ecology

How can we combine improved quality and quantity of crop production with enhanced ecosystem services and reduced negative environmental impact? The department of Crop Production Ecology contribute to the solution by our research, collaboration and education ...


Invasive macrophyte Canadian waterweed impacts Swedish lake ecosystems

In a new thesis, Kristina Tattersdill shows that Canadian waterweed impacts ecosystem functions and species composition of both macrophytes and invertebrates. Invasive species contribute heavily to global ecosystem changes. One example of an invasive ...

Ecosystem functioning in streams under pressure - Understanding the roles of biotic, abiotic and spatial drivers

Ecosystem functioning in streams under pressure - Understanding the roles of biotic, abiotic and spatial drivers

Amélie Truchy defends her thesis on 2 February 2018. All interested are welcome to attend. Facts Link to thesis: - Author / Respondent: MSc Amélie Truchy - External reviewer / Opponent: Professor Jennifer Tank, University ...


Alistair Auffret

Associate senior lecturer in landscape ecology. Alistair is a plant and landscape ecologist who studies how changes in land use and climate affect plant species in the landscape. Presentation - I'm interested in the role of humans in determining changes ...


Grimsö Wildlife Research Station

Lars Jäderberg tracks a roedeer from the special equipped car, within the Wildlife Monitoring programme at Grimsö Research Station (department of Ecology). Photo: Jenny Svennås-Gillner Grimsö Wildlife Research Station is located in Bergslagen, Lindesberg ...


Collection of insects

In our insect collection there are about 300 000 insects from more than 10 000 species. Read more in Swedish. Related pages: Ecology Contact Mats Jonsell, researcher - Department of Ecology, SLU -, 018-672876, 072-208 63 59 Share: ...


Trophic interactions network

Within the larger research environment in the Ecology Centre, research on trophic interactions forms a specific area of expertise, interest and competence. This theme cuts across a large number of researchers and research groups. Together, we span the ...


The Landscape Ecology Network

Photo: Jenny Svennås-Gillner Landscape effects! All local biological processes are affected by its surroundings. Most ecologist therefore acknowledge that the dynamics of local populations and communities needs to be viewed in a context of the surrounding ...



Learn more about ecological questions that can contribute to a sustainable world. At the Department of Ecology we can offer you education at the Bachelor and Master level. We welcome students to do their master's or bachelor's thesis in collaboration ...


Ecological theory uniting agro-ecology and forestry research

Forest and Agriculture. Picture from Västerbotten. Foto: Wikimedia Commons, donated by Riksantikvarieämbetet At the Ecology Department we have researchers that mainly studies the forest ecosystem and others that focus on agriculture. Now it is time ...

Department of Ecology

Department of Ecology

How can we manage forests and land without threating biodiversity and ruining ecosystem services? These divergent goals require a broad understanding of ecological interactions in nature. Research, education and collaboration at the department of Ecology ...

Themes in our research

Themes in our research

Research themes - Our research is relevant for nature conservation, biodiversity, wildlife management, climate change, ecosystem services and processes, plant protection and honey bee health. We study many different organisms but have a great knowledge ...

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