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Ecology is the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment.

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Vallsat: Satellite-based digital tools for ley management

In this project, we will update satellite data with simple dynamic models for leys, to improve the forecasts of harvest time and nutrient content and create a useful decision support system (DSS).

Exotic tree species in the forest mean loss of grazing land for reindeer

Semi-domesticated reindeer avoid winter habitats with exotic lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta), introduced from Northern America. Reduced food supply and dense stands probably contribute to the

Lifeplan Röbäcksdalen

SITES Röbäcksdalen is one of several SITES stations which participates in Lifeplan, the large global monitoring program for biodiversity. The collection in onging during 2021-2025. Röbäcksdalen - a

Bee hives

At SITES Röbäcksdalen there are opportunities to study the Nordic bee. Our bees are a part of SITES (Swedish infrastructure for ecosystem science) and is a resource for national and international

SITES Spectral

The SITES Spectral monitoring program captures the seasonal and ion between year variation in the vegetation of different ecosystems. The data is relevant for different processes in the eciosystems,


In SITES water we collect infromation from lakes and streams. At Röbäcksdalen two creeks, Degernäsbäcken and Röbäcken, are used for sampling. Degernäsbäcken and Röbäcken run through our argicultural

More about SITES

The infrastructure at Röbäcksdalen has excellent conditions for teaching, research, and applied studies in crop production, soil science, climate studies, feeding of forages, and ecosystem studies in

Röbäcksdalen Research Station and Röbäcksdalens Research dairy farm

We carry out research and monitoring in a variety of areas such as agricultural science, ecology, climatology, phenology, geochemistry, biology, agroecology, soil science, animal science, food

Postgraduate studies

Our PhD students take on fundamental issues that affect all of us. How can we combine improved quality and quantity of crop production with enhanced ecosystem services and reduced negative

Peatland rewetting effects on ecosystem functioning and societal values

About 1.5-2.0 million hectares of natural peatlands in Sweden have been drained during the past century with the aim to increase timber production. These drainage activities have largely affected

Vacancies within the department

Current Vacancies Post-Doc Stipend to explore rewetting effects on the greenhouse gas balance of historically drained peatland forests in boreal Sweden Two-year Postdoctoral scholarship in

Vall-Optimal: New technology and operations management for optimal harvest time and forage quality on cattle farms

This project aims to use field spectrometer and proximal sensors to assess forage quality pre- and post-harvest as ready-to-use alternatives for forage management in Sweden. Background Analysing the