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Ecology is the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment.

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PFAS and PAC - dispersion of emerging pollutants in the environment studied in a new PhD thesis

Minh Anh Nguyen has studied per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) and polycyclic aromatic compounds (PACs), which are new types of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the environment. He found that the rivers with higher concentrations of ...

PhD student from the department is first author of accepted paper in high impact journal

PhD student from the department is first author of accepted paper in high impact journal

About the effect on ecosystem functions by increased pesticide and nutrient use under an intensified agriculture in the future The PhD student Alexander Feckler and the supervisors Mirco Bundschuh and Willem Goedkoop, all from the Department of Aquatic ...

Department of Biosystems and Technology

Department of Biosystems and Technology

At the Department of Biosystems and Technology we explore interactions between soil, plants, animals, environment, climate and humans in systems for sustainable production of food and renewable raw materials. Our teaching and research deal with questions ...

Department of Forest Ecology and Management

Department of Forest Ecology and Management

Our mission is to advance the understanding of forest ecosystem processes and to progress the principles of forest ecosystem management Staff Publications Contact Calendar 27 October 2017 Dissertation: Uneven-aged silviculture ...

Lina Lönnberg

Lina Lönnberg

For more information about Lina, visit the Swedish page. Read more about: Biology Ecology Entomology Department of Ecology NJ Faculty Contact Doctoral Student at the Department of Ecology; Soil Ecology Unit Telephone: 018-672412 E-mail: ...


Weed Biology and Weed Control

Weed biology is an integrated science with the aim of minimising the negative effects of weeds and of exploiting and promoting positive characteristics in the agroecosystem. It includes the biology and ecology of individual weed species and weed communities. ...


Genotype and environment interplay in crop production

Major research activities focus on the production ecology and resource use efficiency of agricultural crops and the genetic basis of the underlying crop traits. Projects - Optimized Utilisation of Salix - OPTUS - Alternative uses of Salix wood as raw ...

Gunnar Jansson

Gunnar Jansson

For more information about Gunnar, visit the Swedish webpage. Read more about: Ecology Contact Researcher at the Department of Ecology; Wildlife Ecology Unit Telephone: 0581-697318 E-mail: Postal address: Inst för Ekologi, Grimsö ...


Plant protection in agriculture and forestry

Pine weevil. Photo: Niklas Björklund Our research contributes to sustainable methods of protecting agricultural crops and forests against pests. More knowledge is needed about the interaction between insect pests, their enemies and the plants and trees ...



Leaf cutter ant. Photo: Christer Björkman The Department of Ecology has great knowledge about insects. We conduct research on how they live, how they interact with other species, their importance in the ecosystem and how they are affected by changes. ...


Food web ecology

We study both theoretical and empirical food-webs to investigate ecosystem function and underlying processes of multi-trophic communities. Exploring the mechanics of ecosystem functioning using dynamic food web models - Ecosystem functioning in realistic ...



Researchers at the Department of Ecology drill deep down into ecological issues without losing contact with major social questions. We study species - both those that are threatened and those that are a problem for humans. How they interact with each ...

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