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Ecology is the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment.

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Weed ecology and management

We study both basic and applied aspects of the ecology and management of weeds in agriculture. We base our research on ecological theory with focus on a system perspective to address challenges in

Environmental Assessment

To make it easier to detect problems in the environment, to contribute with scientific evidence, and to follow on measures, we collect, store, quality assure, and make available water chemistry and

Fruit tree-based agroforestry on sloping uplands in northwest Vietnam

In this project agroforestry practices/systems are redesigned for new profitable products and sustainable and resilient production. Contact : Göran Bergkvist Partners : Ingrid Öborn (SLU), Sigrun

Sustainable food production and biodiversity with grazing animals

The project will start in 2024 and will include a landscape-scale experiment to investigate how animals can be integrated into farming systems for the best possible benefit. Funder : Kamprad

Constraints on organic farming

In this project we investigate factors that limit current uptake of organic farming in Sweden. Contact : Göran Bergkvist Project website Funder : Formas

Sustainable food from heritage cereals

In a six-year project, old varieties of cereal are investigated by researchers from SLU, Kristianstad University and representatives from the industry. The aim is to investigate how the old varieties

SUSWECO – Sustainable weed control in cereals

The Swedish part of the project is responsible for the task of investigating a system where the underground parts of perennial weeds are cut off with the help of a root cutter (Kverneland Group) and

Weeds in an era of reduced herbicide dependence. Ecological mechanisms and social challenges for a sustainable crop production

In this project, we investigate the impact weeds have on crop yield and the role of weed diversity and weed seed predation as ecological alternatives to mitigate weed-related yield losses. Our

How multifunctionality in agricultural ecosystems depends on crop diversity and succession

We assess multifunctionality at the field scale along two main ecological gradients managed by the farmer: crop diversity and successional stage (defined by disturbance, e.g., tillage, annual and/or

PADILSO - Participatory design of innovative crop management strategies for organic lupine and soybean production systems in Sweden

In this project, farmers and researchers design collectively soybean and lupin based cropping systems. The aim is to assess economic, ecological and social sustainability along the IFOAM principles

IMPULSE- Fostering organic cultivation of grain legumes; a multi-scale feasibility study for soybean and lupin production in Sweden

This project aims to assess the biophysical and socioeconomic production potential for soybean and lupins in Sweden, as well as the development and testing of economically and environmentally

Facilitating reduced- and no-tillage organic grain legume production systems through integration of cover crop mulch for weed control

The aim of this research project is the development, testing and dissemination of weed management strategies for reduced- and no-tillage organic grain legume production. This will be achieved by the