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Plant biotechnology

Plant biotechnology inculdes biotechnology with applications on plants, both in forestry and in agriculture.

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Sign up for the Networking symposium on plant protection and forest damage 2–3 October in Umeå here. Read more about the network symposium here.

Plant protection in the media

SLU's plant protection researchers is often featured in news articles, radio, podcasts and television. See examples of SLU's plant protection research in the media: Plant protection in the media in

Joint Action Plant Health

In a letter to the government, SLU and the Swedish Board of Agriculture have proposed an initiative on plant health based on a mandate from the government. The initiative, called Joint Action Plant

Plant protection material

Here you can find material that presents SLU's plant protection research and other useful material. Movie on plant protection During autumn 2021, a movie on SLU's plant protection research was


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Research outputs from our department

Department of Plant Breeding

Our vision is for our work to contribute significantly to the efficient and sustainable production of food, feed, and industrial products from plants

Division of Plant Breeding

Plant breeding will contribute significantly to future crop production systems because new cultivars will be more resistant toward pathogens, more competitive against weeds, more efficient in taking

Chloroplast calcium signaling

Light intensity is rarely stable during the span of a day – think of changing cloud cover, shading, flickering of leaves and daily rhythms of dusk and dawn. As the primary site of photosynthesis,

The Plant Catabolism Laboratories

We are interested in the mechanisms and functions of catabolic processes during development, aging and stress response at the molecular, cellular and organismal levels. Our experimental models span

Vinod Kumar investigates how tissue integrity is maintained in the leaf surface

Last week, the European Commission awarded 1249 researchers with Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions postdoctoral fellowships. One of the awardees is Vinod Kumar from Stéphanie Robert’s group at Umeå


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