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Plant biotechnology

Plant biotechnology inculdes biotechnology with applications on plants, both in forestry and in agriculture.

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MicroRNA keeps young aspen trees longer green than older trees

In a forest, even trees have their generational conflicts. Young trees often find themselves under the canopy of the older trees. Their survival strategy is to kick off their growth earlier in spring


Crop production in agriculture and horticulture will continue to require maximal yields with appropriate product qualities in combination with decreased environmental impact and energy input. To meet

Joint Action Plant Health

In a letter to the government, SLU and the Swedish Board of Agriculture have proposed an initiative on plant health based on a mandate from the government. The initiative, called Joint Action Plant

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Welcome to join our network on plant protection and plant health! SLU Network plant protection is available to stimulate and support collaborations between staff at SLU's various locations and

Plant protection material

Here you can find material that presents SLU's plant protection research and other useful material. Movie on plant protection During autumn 2021, a movie on SLU's plant protection research was

Plant protection in the media

Here you will find a selection of podcasts, news articles, radio programs and other things related to SLU's plant protection research. The information is available in Swedish here. Twitter

SLU Plant Protection Network

We promote and stimulate collaboration between researchers at SLU's different campuses, faculties and departments with the aim to strengthen SLU's profile in plant protection towards the outside

Department of Plant Breeding

Our vision is for our work to contribute significantly to the efficient and sustainable production of food, feed, and industrial products from plants


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Aspen trees exposed to repetitive flexing grew faster

The sight of trees swaying in the wind has captivated the imagination of artists and nature enthusiasts. However, for the trees themselves, this continuous mechanical stimulation can be a source of

Division of Plant Biotechnology

Plant oil, starch, and protein are central to human food security and the development of a bio-based society. Our major research questions focus on the genetic factors determining the quality and

Division of Plant Product Quality

The content and composition of different components in fruits, berries, and vegetables naturally have a great variation and this can be used for end-products with different properties. The specific