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A well-developed research infrastructure is important for the development of research and innovations. At SLU, we categorize the infrastructure as follows:

  • Facilities
  • Data networks and biobanks
  • Instruments
  • Laboratories

There are 33 pages tagged with Facilities:

Integrated Monitoring in natural ecosystems (IM)

Biological and chemical effects from atmospheric deposition and climate in natural forest ecosystems within an international network of catchments in the UN ECE region (United Nations Economical

Plant cultivation facility at the faculty of forestry (UPSC)

Plant cultivation facility at the faculty of forestry (UPSC) plan-webb@slu.se

Plant Cultivation Facility

Growing facilities enables controlled culture of plants and microorganisms. The growing facilities are managed by the Faculty for natural resources and agricultural science; they are comprised of: 12

Swedish Livestock Research Centre

The Swedish Livestock Research Centre – the most modern facility for research and education on dairy cattle, pigs and poultry in northern Europe. The Swedish Livestock Research Centre is the most

SLU Lövsta Field Research Station

SLU Lövsta Field Research Station runs about 70 agricultural field trials in the Uppsala area. Many of the trials are connected to research projects at SLU, but we also welcome external missions.

SITES Lönnstorp Research Station

Lönnstorps research station is located in the south-west of Skåne and was established in 1969. The station has a subject focus on cropping system dynamics and provides research opportunities in

Agricultural Long-term field experiments

Long-term field experiments - a useful resource when assessing the impact of different management practices on soil, water and crop system. At several sites in Sweden, long-term field experiments are

Lanna Research Station

Lanna Research station is a field station with the capacity to perform plot experiments in crop production with access to arable land with different soil type, competent personell, machinery for plot

Ultuna climate station

Long term continuous weather measurements to describe weather and climate conditions of field experiments at Ultuna. Standard climate monitoring station that measures air temperature, soil

Observation of arable fields

Monitoring nitrogen and phosphorus losses from arable land. Nationwide environmental monitoring of 13 agricultural fields designed to study the impact of nutrient leakage on surface and groundwater.

Agricultural monitoring catchments

Agricultural impact on water quality in stream water and groundwater as well as load of nitrogen, phosphorus and pesticides is monitored in a long-time perspective in small catchments dominated by

Götala beef and lamb centre

Götala Beef and Lamb Reserch Centre is SLU’s reserch facilities for ruminant meat production. Götala Beef and Lamb Reserch Centre is an experimental facility for cattle and sheep for meat production