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Research Vessel Svea

One of the world’s most modern research vessels is ready. The new ship has been brought into operation, it is able to perform virtually any kind of marine research and environmental monitoring.

Ship specifications

Sweden's new research vessel is fully equipped for fishery and oceanography investigations. You can find more specifications about the ship here.

Illustration of research vessel Svea with equipment

Charter R/V Svea

Is your organisation interested in chartering Svea? Do you have questions about the vessel? Send us your contact details!

Research vessel Svea, seen from the front port side

Rental cost of R/V Svea

Find out more about the costs of chartering R/V Svea and when the research vessel is possible to book. Or join an existing expedition!

Reserch Vessel Svea in Vigo Bay seen from the stern

Planning of R/V Svea

Look at the plan for how and when R/V Svea will be used in 2022. If you will be using the research vessel, please send us the details of your survey.

The wheelhouse is lifted onboard research vessel Svea
Published: 14 September 2022 - Page editor: plan-webb@slu.se