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Deworm correctly for reduced resistance

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BVF Anthelmintic resistance in the equine roundworm

The equine roundworm is the horse's largest intestinal parasite. Equine roundworm infections are very common in foals and young horses. Older horses develop immunity to the worm, and in horses older

BVF - Ökad kunskap om etiologin bakom digital dermatit

Digital dermatitis is a leading cause of lameness in dairy cattle, it is an animal welfare problem and leads to economic losses for the farmers. The etiology of the disease is still under debate.

Open call of two co-funded collaborative post doc projects

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at SLU hereby opens a call for co-funding of two post doc projects. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at SLU hereby opens a

New call from SLU Aquaculture

To stimulate cross-faculty collaborations and further strengthen aquaculture research at SLU we announce a new call! Applicants can receive up to SEK 200,000. The last day to apply is 13 October 2022

OneHealth-WASH #2

Seminar: Effective WASH to prevent infections and reduce the emergence of AMR agnes.bondesson@slu.se Please join us for the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) - One Health network second webinar

Seminar: Antimicrobial resistance in Agrifood systems

Seminar: Antimicrobial resistance in Agrifood systems futureonehealth@slu.se Welcome to this lunch seminar on antimicrobial resistance in agrifood systems presented by Dr. Junxia Song, Senior

Open call for co-funding of two collaborative PhD projects in Aquaculture

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science hereby opens a call for two PhD projects within aquaculture. The call is open to researchers within all subjects and disciplines involving

BVF - Molekylära verktyg för detektion av mag- och tarmparasiter och läkemedelsresistens hos får

A working strategy for parasite control is important to have to conduct a sustainable grazing-based lamb breeding with good animal welfare. Access to effective deworming agents is one of the

BVF - Parasitsjukdomar och markörer för bedömning av djurvälfärd med tillämpningar hos betesdjur

human population. However, this must not be at the expense of reduced animal health and deteriorated animal welfare. Infection with parasitic worms of ruminants is a major constraint on an efficient

BVF- Förbättrad parasitdiagnostik och riktad avmaskning av värphöns

Parasitic worm infections in layers are a well-known animal welfare problem in the poultry industry. Despite this, there are knowledge gaps about how worms are detected in living laying hens and on

BVF - Återvunnet material i livsmedelsförpackningar och risken för kontamination av toxiska ämnen

Tens of thousands of compounds have been spread into the environment. Some of these can pose a threat to public health if humans are exposed, for example via dietary intake. The aim of this project