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Department of Ecology

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Grace contributes to food security with push-pull technologies

Grace Mercy want to contribute to food security, sustainable agriculture and new biocontrol solutions with her new PhD project on push-pull technology. This is a cropping system that that reduces

Landscape complexity promotes resilience of biological pest control

Ecosystem services can be vulnerable to climate change. How vulnerable depends on how resilient they are to, for example, changing temperatures. In a new study, landscape complexity was found to

Insects and rodents can keep agricultural weeds in check

By increasing biodiversity and taking advantage of ecosystem services, we can reduce the use of herbicides in agriculture. An example of an ecosystem service is seed predation by insects and rodents.

SLU Biodiversity and biocontrol lab

We perform research on biodiversity and biological control of pests and weeds in agricultural landscapes. We study the links between biodiversity, food-web structure and biological control, and how


Resilience of biological control A high diversity of predators can contribute to improved regulation of pests in the short-term, and theory predicts that it should increase resilience to disturbances

Drylands Transform summing up 2021

Every year has its own challenges and this year Covid-19 has been one of them. However, during 2021 Drylands Transform has started work in four study sites in the borders of Kenya and Uganda and the

For staff

anna.lundmark@slu.se The facilities management office (intendenturen) and intranet At the web site of the facilities management at Ecology Centre and Grimsö Wildlife Research Station you´ll find


Researchers at the Department of Ecology drill deep down into ecological issues without losing contact with major social questions. We study species – both those that are threatened and those that

Agricultural entomology

Agricultural entomology is a multidisciplinary area of research with collaborationwith other units both within and outside of the department. Simply described agricultural entomology is applied

Ecology Centre

Ecology Centre consists of the departments of Ecology and Crop Production Ecology. We conduct research, teach and collaborate for a sustainable agriculture, forestry and plant protection (insect


By understanding the mechanisms underlying plant interactions it is possible to develop sustainable crop protection strategies based on design of cropping systems. We focus on the interactions

SLU Ninkovic Lab

Plants do not see, hear, smell or test, but they communicate with each other in different ways including chemical signalling between different plants pairs. The aim of our research is to develop