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Department of Ecology

How can we manage forests and land without threating biodiversity and ruining ecosystem services? These divergent goals require a broad understanding of ecological interactions in nature.

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A major centre of ecological research in Scandinavia

SLU is a major centra for ecological research in Scandinavia. We combine research in basic ecology with applied research in nature conservation, wildlife management, forestry and crop protection. 

Published: 09 October 2023 - Page editor: anna.lundmark@slu.se

Department of Ecology

Heads of department
Astrid Taylor och Sönke Eggers, Mattias Jonsson (deputy head of department)

Communications officer
Anna Lundmark, anna.lundmark@slu.se

Postal adress: Box 7044 75007 Uppsala (letters), Ulls väg 18B 75651 (packages, don´t forget the name of the receipient)
Visiting adress: Ulls väg 16 

Grimsö 152, 739 93 Riddarhyttan

Internal web for staff at the Ecology Department