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Department of Animal Environment and Health

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Never wake a sleeping broiler

Sara Forslind defended her thesis on the 24th of Mars 2023 in Uppsala. The thesis is about ton undisturbed natural resting patterns in broilers. Broiler chickens rest a large part of the day. The

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TITLE OF PAPER Anteater B Authorone 1 , Cat D Authortwo 1 and Elephant F Authorthree 2 1 Department of Animal Environment and Health, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 2 Department of

Annual Animal Welfare Symposium

Wednesday-Thursday 7-8th June 2023, Uppsala The aim of this symposium is to engage researchers in animal and veterinary sciences, human-animal interactions, ethics, policy and law, economics and

UF seed funding - Urban Healthscapes

SLU Urban Futures' hub in Alnarp issues seed funding grants that support efforts to strengthen SLU’s interdisciplinary expertise on urban healthscapes. This call is open to all researchers at SLU,

Animal Welfare and Animal Protection

Animal Welfare and animal protection The Department of Animal Environment and Health is one of the leading centres for research in animal welfare and animal protection. Our work spans from basic to

Animal welfare protection and assessment.

What to assess, how best to collect indicators, interpret them and, not least, what to do with them afterwards? We apply our research in this area across all species, irrespective of the reason for

Preparing for life

Farm animals are often reared in one type of environment but housed as adults in another. When moved, a lack of skill needed to adapt rapidly to the new environment can compromise welfare. “Adaptive

Dissertation Elin Stenberg

Dissertation Elin Stenberg sofia.webering.ekberg@slu.se Elin Stenberg defends her thesis: There is no easy answer – factors affecting meat quality in lambs Please click the link below to

Nötkreatursstiftelses sholarship 2023

Anna Hessle is one of this year's scholarship recipients of tNötkreaturstiftelsen Skaraborg's scholarship.

Department of Animal Environment and Health

Department of Animal Environment and Health The aim of the department... Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, Department of Animal Environment and Health, Skara ...is to increase


PROGRAMME Room W, Ulls hus, SLU Campus Ultuna, Uppsala You can also find the programme as a pdf-file here! DAY 1. Thursday, june 7th 13:00 - 13:15 Welcome and introduction (Linda Keeling) Theme:

Conture project

The aim of the practical study is to evaluate pigs behavioural and physiological reaction to nitrogen high expansion foam as a stunning method as well as study the stunning process itself. The study