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Department of Animal Environment and Health

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Half-time seminar: Johan Lindsjö

Half-time seminar: Johan Lindsjö THV-kommunikation@slu.se Welcome to listen to doctoral student Johan Lindsjö´s half-term seminar. The seminar is held in the lunch room in Skara, but it is also

Small-scale and mobile slaughter

Farm animals are usually transported on road to the slaughterhouse, where they often spend the night before being slaughtered. Stress occurs in connection with handling, during transport and in

Loading and unloading of pigs at transport to slaughter

Attitudes, driving methods and effects on pig welfare, transporter health and efficiency. In Sweden around 2.5 million pigs per are slaughtered each year, reared at almost 900 farms. At around 6

Aquaculture opportunities and challenges

Say 'agriculture' and everyone gets an idea of what you're talking about. But say 'aquaculture' and the associations might not be as clear. Aquaculture has great potential to grow, as more than

Changing the rearing environment for parental animals, as a potential way to improve animal welfare in the chicken meat sector

This project aim to investigate the effect of specific environmental inputs during rearing, which has seen to promote animal welfare long-term for laying hens in experimental farms, on farms with

Animal welfare protection and assessment.

What to assess, how best to collect indicators, interpret them and, not least, what to do with them afterwards? We apply our research in this area across all species, irrespective of the reason for

SLU's focus on food science

A significant portion of SLU's research revolves around putting food on the table. It is an ever-relevant issue in society during a time of changing climates and a need for increased food resilience.

Let me sleep

Young chicks, including broilers, need to rest frequently. In the natural situation resting is synchronised by the mother hen, however in the commercial situation no cues synchronise resting.

Department of Animal Environment and Health

We aim to increase knowledge about the relationship between housing, management, feeding, housing environment, animal health, behaviour, animal welfare and environmental hygiene. This will be

Beef loss in Sweden

The food system is not sustainable, and research shows that there are three powerful strategies to reverse the trend by 2050: global dietary changes, reducing food waste and losses by 75%, and

Urban Forests - Survey your moves

Urban Forests: Survey your moves – with focus on urban green spaces urbanfutures@slu.se How important are urban forests for physical activity and human health? What can we learn from dog owners?

Animal Welfare and Animal Protection

Animal Welfare and animal protection The Department of Animal Environment and Health is one of the leading centres for research in animal welfare and animal protection. Our work spans from basic to