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Department of Animal Environment and Health

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Handling of animals at transport and slaughter (HATS) has international recognition as one of the most forefront research centres in the area of animal welfare in connection with handling at


Transforming Europe’s food system to meet the EU Green Deal goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050 is no small task. Globally, agriculture causes about one-third of all

The Welfare Quality Network

The Welfare Quality Network is a collaborative project of a large group of former participants in the Welfare Quality® project and interested industry partners. The Network focuses on scientific

Aware (Animal Welfare Research in an Enlarged Europe)

Contact: Linda Keeling The goal of the Coordination and Support Action of the 7th Framework Programme AWARE is to promote integration and increase the impact of European research on farm animal

Risk-based animal welfare assessment (RAWA)

To guarantee sustainable animal husbandry and production, consumer and authority trust must be maintained. Effective control and assurance of animal welfare is therefore needed. Swedish animal

Research related to animal welfare legislation

Project 3 – Methods on how to improve uniformity within animal welfare control There are many opinions on official animal welfare control. One opinion shared by several stakeholders is that the

Data from animal welfare

Good animal welfare is more than the absence of pain and suffering - welfare can be regarded as the possibility to experience positive emotional states. Interest in investigating positive emotions in

Physiological assessment fish

Several national and international studies have shown that the welfare of fish in aquaculture in many aspects is substandard. This is partly because it is difficult to assess fish stress, suffering

FRESH - forskargrupp

FRESH is a research collaboration founded in 2012 between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the University of Gothenburg (GU) which aims to increase knowledge and awareness

The welfare - farmed fish

In 2013 we published the report 31-4568/11 "Risk evaluation of slaughter of farmed fish in Sweden". Unfortunately, as the report points out, a risk assessment is never better than the experimental


Up to 20% of farmed salmonids die before reaching slaughter. This occurs during stressful situations such as delousing, deteriorating water quality, and transport. This is a serious welfare issue,

Best anaesthesia protocol for fish

There are over 30000 species of fish, living in a wide range of habitats. To treat ‘fish’ as one group is probably even less meaningful than to attempt to produce general guidelines for ‘mammals’. In