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Department of Animal Environment and Health

Photo: The research building, SLU, Skara and a photo of Götala research farm.

The aim of the department...

...is to increase knowledge about the relationship between housing, management, feeding, housing environment, animal health, behaviour, animal welfare and environmental hygiene. This will be achieved through research, education and research information.

In this way, the department will contribute:

* to prevent and reduce health and welfare problems in domestic animals and

* to promote the development of an animal and environmentally friendly animal housing, that contribute to a sustainable food production.


What is happening av the department: 

  • 23 mar - Elin Stenberg nailing her thesis. Forskarhuset Skara, kl 09.30.
  • 23 mar - Broiler welfare seminar, Audhumla, VHC building, SLU campus Ultuna, 13.30 – 16.00.
  • 24 mar - Sara Forslind defending her thesis, Audhumbla, VHC, kl. 09.15.
  • 14 apr - Elin stenberg defending her thesis, Aulan, Uddetorps naturbruksgymnasium, kl 09.15.

Sara Forslind defended her thesis

Sara Forslind defended her thesis on 24th of mars 2023 in Uppsala. The thesis is about undisturbed natural resting pattern in broilers.

Sara F nailing her thesis

PhD course in Equitation Science

Registration is now open for the 2023 PhD course in Equitation Science. The course will take place June 12-16 at Wången (Sweden’s national centre for the education and development of harness racing and Icelandic horse riding). Read more about the course and how to register here!

close up picture of horse

New doctor wants to prepare hens for life

Lena Skånberg, who defended her doctoral thesis in Uppsala on December 9th 2022, has studied how the early stages of life for a chick affect the welfare of the adult laying hen. A simple and predictable early environment might not be the best way to prepare the young birds for a change to a more complex production environment. Skånberg hypothesized that introducing elements of choice and change early on would promote greater adaptability in the young hen, and thus a better welfare. Click to read more!

Lena Skånberg with opponent Bas Rodenburg

Three new docents from the department

Three associates from the Department of Animal Environment and Health held their docent lectures on November 30 2022. The new docents are Rebecka Westin (in the subject Veterinary Medicine specialization Animal Environment and Health), Per Peetz Nielsen (in the subject Animal Science specialization Animal Behavior and Welfare) and Elke Hartmann (in the subject Animal Science specialization ethology). Click to read more!

New publications from the department!

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