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Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics

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Unify breeding at SLU

Unify breeding at SLU katja.fedrowitz@slu.se A one day kick-off workshop for everyone working with breeding at SLU. The aim is to strengthen the internal network as well as to get some inspiring

Modernization of the 40-year breeding program for Arctic charr

The Swedish breeding program for Arctic charr has been run successfully for almost forty years. Breeding has been based on classic selection methods where family groups with good qualities, for


For horses The Animal Genetics Laboratory mainly carries out parentage controls. There are also specific tests for defects and coat colours as well as performance traits (Synchrogait). For large

Genomic divergence in Swedish Warmblood horses selected for equestrian disciplines

The equestrian sport horse Swedish Warmblood (SWB) originates from versatile cavalry horses. Most modern SWB breeders have specialized their breeding either towards show jumping or dressage

Genetic diversity in a native Italian horse breed

Horses are nowadays mainly used for sport and leisure activities, and several local breeds, traditionally used in agriculture, have been exposed to a dramatic loss in population size and genetic

Genetics underpinning dynamic laryngeal collapse

Dynamic laryngeal collapse associated with poll flexion is the most common disorder of the upper respiratory tract in the Norwegian‐Swedish Coldblooded Trotter. The disorder, which has also been

Eye temperature in horses when measured using infrared thermography in field conditions

Infrared thermography (IRT) is a popular technology used for the detection of thermal changes given its non-invasive nature and lack of direct contact with the individual. Accordingly, the maximal

Yearbook Hgen 2020

We have created a yearbook with some examples from our research and other events. Read more about some highlights of our research, multidisciplinary projects, new PhD students and teaching and

HGEN Crossbreeding in dairy cattle

For several decades, crossbreeding has been a common practice in some production animal species, especially pig and poultry. The interest of crossbreeding in dairy cattle has increased during the

Freestanding courses

Do you want to learn more about animal breeding, animal genetics or bioinformatics? Then you can choose one or a few of our courses that are open to students outside programs. Basic level As an

HGEN Chronic kidney disease cat

Chronic kidney disease is common in cats and mainly affects the older feline population. The cause for failing renal function is often unknown. The aim of this project is to evaluate the presence of

online course breeding

Better knowledge and skills in bioinformatics, programming and analysis of genomic data can improve breeding of livestock. In an ongoing course researchers from SLU and ILRI are providing training