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Animal Breeding and Genetics

The genetic variation of animals is the basis of our work at Animal Breeding and Genetics. We work with farm animals, companion animals and a wide range of other animals. Through our research, education and collaboration with industry and other stakeholders, we promote the wise use of genetic resources.

Molecular genetics and Bioinformatics

Molecular genetics and bioinformatics are interdisciplinary fields of research aiming to understand the complex structure and function of genes and the genome. This knowledge is essential to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying important traits in domestic animals. Our studies involve identification of genetic factors that for example are important for inherited diseases, reproduction and performance. The overall goal is to improve animal health and welfare.

Quantitative and Applied Genetics

Quantitative genetics includes the genetic background of complex traits that are controlled by many genes and influenced by the environment. Animal breeding is about developing breeding programs that are well adapted to the biology of the animal and to the environmental, economic and social conditions in which the animals are used. We study registration methods and models for genetic analysis of traits important for efficient production and animal welfare, and work with balanced breeding goals.

News from the department

Interactive project overview

Our research projects, how they are connected, what researchers are responsible, how they are funded and so on.


SLUBI´s main goal is to provide support and training in Bioinformatics for SLU researchers, as well as build a strong community of bioinformaticians within SLU.

One Health

One Health is an interdisciplinary research area where SLU can contribute with broad and new competence. The area is a priority in SLU's new strategy for the next few years.


We are involved in several projects using metagenomics for the detection of viral pathogens in many different animals, as well as for studying the microbiome of coral reef in the Indian Ocean

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Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics

Head of department: Tomas Bergström
Deputy head of department: Erling Strandberg

Postal address: SLU, Dept. of Animal Breeding ang Genetics, PO Box 7023, S-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden

Visiting address: Ulls väg 26

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