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Department of Clinical Sciences

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ITP: Healthy livestock - safe food

The international training programme (ITP) Healthy livestock – safe food is now open for application. The ITP integrates animal health and food security while exploring several value chains from

Immature sperm useful when saving endangered felids

Epididymal sperm preservation offers a potential for rescuing genetic material from endangered or valuable animals after injury or death. Spermatozoa from corpus, as well as from cauda, have the


Assessment and surveillance of animal welfare risks (WelRisk) is one of the world's leading competence centres for the development of practically applicable methods in the area of animal welfare risk

Ruminants clinic

The ruminants clinic offers veterinary care that includes diagnostics as well as medical and surgical treatment of animal species cattle, sheep and goats. We receive referred cases for educational

Cats as indicator of indoor chemicals exposure

Mixture assessment of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC) with emphasis on thyroidogenicity - using cats as model for human indoor exposure. The research questions in MISSE are devoted to todays

KV Resting and sleeping respiratory rates in healthy young dogs and cats in their home environment

Resting and sleeping respiratory rates in healthy young dogs and cats in their home environment Respiratory rate is a valuable measure for monitoring animal health. We now aim to examine resting and

Trainings in pig herd health in Uganda

SLU is collaborating with Makerere University and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries in Uganda to conduct interactive trainings in pig herd health management directed to

Research in veterinary epidemiology

Our research focus is on applying epidemiological methods to identify factors in the environment, the management and in the animal itself that affect the health, wellbeing and performance of

Small Animal Surgery

Surgery is a specialty that involves preventing, diagnosing, curing or alle¬via¬ting the impact of diseases via an operation on a patient. The field of small animal surgery encompasses dogs and cats

KV - Att förstå beslutsfattandet kring antibiotikaanvändning i kontrasterande länder och djurarter

Unrestrained use of antibiotics increases the risk of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Our project investigates what the elements are that drive a country, veterinary clinic or a farm to reduce the

Small Animal Medicine

The field of small animal medicine focuses primarily on clinical questions con-cerning companion animals, which includes several animal species, however most-ly dogs and cats. Small animal medicine

KV - Motiverande samtal som verktyg för minskad antibiotikaanvändning i animalieproduktionen

A major challenge of our time is to reduce antimicrobial resistance. Accomplishing this necessitates decreasing and reconciling the use of antibiotics in livestock, which can be achieved by