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Dental disorders in Swedish sows

Knowledge on dental disorders in commercial sows is limited although such conditions may have important animal welfare implications. In a pilot study, the dental and periodontal health of 58 sows (

Development of a novel detection method for contagious sheep and goat disease

Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is a severe viral disease of sheep and goats. PPR is present in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and seriously impacts the livelihoods and food security of poor and

PCR or bacterial culture to identify cause of IMI?

Real-time PCR analysis of milk samples is a fast method to identify intramammary infections (IMI) in dairy cows, and has the potential to be used for routine analysis of test milking composite milk

Pain evaluation in dairy cattle

Pain compromises the welfare of animals. A prerequisite for being able to alleviate pain is that we are able to recognize it. Potential behavioural signs of pain were investigated for dairy cattle

For how long do infected calves spread coronavirus?

Bovine coronavirus (BCoV) is a widely distributed pathogen, causing disease and economic losses in the cattle industry worldwide. Prevention of virus spread is impeded by a lack of basic knowledge

Could hydrated lime help control cryptosporidiosis?

Diarrhea is common in young calves and is often caused by Cryptosporidium parvum infection. The aim of this study was to investigate if disinfection of calf pens with hydrated lime would reduce

Colostrum and milk proteins

Administration of colostrum to the newborn calf before gut closure is pivotal to its health, because of the transfer of passive immunity. Traditionally, passive immunity has been attributed to the

Research in veterinary epidemiology

Our research focus is on applying epidemiological methods to identify factors in the environment, the management and in the animal itself that affect the health, wellbeing and performance of

KV - Att förstå beslutsfattandet kring antibiotikaanvändning i kontrasterande länder och djurarter

Unrestrained use of antibiotics increases the risk of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Our project investigates what the elements are that drive a country, veterinary clinic or a farm to reduce the


Here you can find contacts at the Department of Clinical Sciences. Staff List of staff (A-Ö) Visiting address: Uppsala: VHC, Ulls väg 26 How to get to the VHC on Ultuna campus How to find your way

Course packages Veterinary Nursing

Would you like to take your knowledge to advanced level? The department of Clinical Sciences, SLU, offers two new course packages in Veterinary Nursing at Master's level. The course packages give you

Kv- Could a low input system be the solution for future dairy production?

As the external resources and especially the feeding costs account for the largest part of the inputs in dairy production, it is important to explore alternatives. The project aims to investigate how