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Department of Crop Production Ecology

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Current crop science research at the Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden

lisa.beste@slu.se On Thursday, 19 May at 3:30 pm David Parsons from the Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden in Umeå is going to speak about "Current crop science research at the

Pre-testing of household survey in Uganda

Earlier this year, four members of Drylands Transform were together in the field sites in Uganda conducting a pre-test of the household survey that is planned for June. The team was broad in their

About us

The research school Sustainable systems for food, energy and biomaterials (SSFEB) is an umbrella organization, open to all postgraduate students who are active within the field of sustainable biomass


Our activities include seminars, workshops and field trips that aim to enrich our students knowledge and promote networking with other researchers, society and industry. Please contact the director

Sustainable systems for food, energy and biomaterials

agnes.soto@slu.se medium Sustainable systems for food, energy and biomaterials (SSFEB) Our research school aims to offer broad knowledge and insight in the technical, environmental, economic and

Celebrating with tree planting

Ingrid Öborn, Gert Nyberg and Ewa Wredle were lucky to visit University of Nairobi on the International Day of Forests, which meant that they were invited to plant 10 trees in the campus of the

Seminar: Radiocarbon and mineral insights on topsoil C stabilization

lisa.beste@slu.se Welcome to this "VPE seminar" on radiocarbon and mineral insights on topsoil C stabilization. We are very happy to present two outstanding speakers from Max Planck Institute for

Plant Health seminar

Healthy harvests in a changing climate agnes.bondesson@slu.se Plant health film Smallholder plant health in a changing climate - harnessing nature-based solutions. A seven minute film about plant

Ronald in DT

Ronald Ayahura started learning his profession already as a child. “During my childhood I used to take part in grazing, milking, spraying and deworming of the cattle, goats and sheep owned by my

Associate senior lecturer seminars

lisa.beste@slu.se Welcome to the Department of Crop Production Ecology's two associate senior lecturer seminars! The two seminars will take place in Tammsalen at the Ecology Centre and via Zoom

Nationella växtskyddskonferensen 2022

Swedish Plant Protection Conference 2022 cajsa.lithell@slu.se Welcome to the Swedish Plant Protection Conference 2022! The conference will mainly be held in Swedish, but contributions in English

Interview with nutritionist Jeff Wamiti

There are now several Postdocs and PhD students affiliated to the Drylands Transform project. Jeff Wamiti is one of the postdoctoral researchers and his focus is on the most vulnerable group of