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Share your research at the Science Festival SciFest in March!

At SciFest, you have the chance to present your research to school students and the general public. You can count on many questions and exciting discussions. All you need is an interesting and fun

Specific cultivar traits are important in intercropping systems

In his PhD studies, James Ajal has investigated intercropping combinations of pea and barley as well as faba bean and wheat, and found that the nutrient uptake efficiency of the crops play a more

Per Knutsson seminar

Per Knutsson, one of the Dryland Transform researchers will on the 6th of October have a webinar on the topic "Commoning or Commodification? Pastoralist Land Rights in the Face of Political, Economic

Livestock café establishment

The concept of a livestock café is an excellent and novel way of engaging with farmers and local communities through a participatory approach of having field experiments. Livestock cafés as locally

diss Hui Liu

Associations among early-season root and shoot traits, nutrient use efficiency and grain yield of spring wheat charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Hui Liu defends her thesis "Associations among early-season

Our Forage course will give you important knowledge for future agriculture

Are you interested in future agriculture and food? Then you really should attend SLU´s course about forage. Ley (temporary grassland) is the most commonly cultivated crop in Sweden, and it is also

Multifunctional biomass plantations can co-deliver biomass and environmental benefits

Large-scale deployment of perennial biomass plantations can effectively reduce nitrogen emissions to water and soil loss by wind erosion. This is shown in a spatial modelling study across over 81,000

Drylands Transform soon at Agri4D

Drylands Transform will soon have two oral presentations at the Agri4D conference on 28-30th of September 2021. First on the 29th of September Stephen Mureithi will present on the topic of "Livestock

Disp Xiangyu Luan

Leaf- to field-level compound effects of warm and dry conditions on crops and potential mitigating strategies mw-red@slu.se Xiangyu Luan will defend his PhD thesis, “Leaf- to field-level compound

Diss James Ajal

Growth and nitrogen economy of cereal-legume sole- and intercrops, and their effects on weed suppression charlotta.eriksson@slu.se James Ajal defends his thesis "Growth and nitrogen economy of

Benefits of mixed crop agriculture

Agro-ecological practices which increase crop diversity can improve yields, reduce crop sensitivity to unfavourable climatic conditions, reduce fertilizer inputs, and overall enhance soil quality and

Monitoring and understanding forest mortality

Identifying and quantifying patterns and trends in forest die-offs is critical to understand causes of tree mortality. Knowledge of forests responses to disturbances such as drought, insect outbreaks