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Department of Crop Production Ecology

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Visiting professor at SLU benchmarks a sustainable intensification of food production

How can African farmers narrow the yield gap, and European farmers reduce fertilizer and pesticide use? Martin van Ittersum, a visiting professor at SLU is searching for the answers. At the Swedish

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DT Caroline Kawira

East Africa is currently facing its worst famine in decades and over 50 million people are affected. The drought-affected areas are worst hit and this is where the SLU-led project Drylands Transform

The Global Yield Gap Atlas and applications

Seminar: The Global Yield Gap Atlas and applications lisa.beste@slu.se Welcome to a seminar on ’The Global Yield Gap Atlas and applications - assessment of sustainable intensification of food

Changes in leaf spot diseases in winterwheat

cajsa.lithell@slu.se Welcome to a seminar in SLU Network Plant Protection lunch seminar series. This time Anders Lindgren, Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU, will give a talk titeled "

Fast-growing poplars can release land for food production

Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Stockholm University have developed a novel value chain for production of textile and bio-fuel from fast-growing poplars. By

Development of the variety trials for silage maize in Sweden

The aim of the project was to create a basis for a decision support system för cultivation of silage maize in Sweden, based on varieties and risk management. During the project the mechanistic model

Drylands Josefine Krueger

When doing my master’s degree in Global Studies at University of Gothenburg, I attended a course on adaptation to climate change organized by Per Knutsson who is one of the social scientists in the

Drylands Theresa Sänger

Last year, I took a course lectured by Per Knutson and, in the context of this, got to know about the Drylands Transform Project. The project with its different objectives and interdisciplinary

Sustainable systems for food, energy and biomaterials

agnes.soto@slu.se medium Sustainable systems for food, energy and biomaterials (SSFEB) Our research school aims to offer broad knowledge and insight in the technical, environmental, economic and

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Kuule Derick

With a background from a BSc in Environmental Sciences and an MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Studies, Kuule Derick Ansyijar has a good understanding of resource management in the