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Department of Crop Production Ecology

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Constraints and opportunities for organic crop production in areas of high agricultural productivity

Tomorrow, Rafaelle Reumaux will defend her thesis about the diversity of management practices in organic cereal production. We ask her three questions. What is your research about, more specifically?

About NJV

From January 1st 2023 NJV is no longer a department. Our research and teaching activities continue as before just within another organisational structure. You still find us and our animals and fields

Our five subjects

Crop Production Ecology Seminar: Our five subjects lisa.beste@slu.se You are very welcome to the last Crop Production Ecology seminar before the summer break. We meet on 30 May at 15.00 in

DT Another MSc about to finish

Cecilia Ward received one of the last Minor Field Study scholarships at SLU in 2022. She used it to gather data for her MSc thesis within the Drylands Transform project in Kenya the year after. Now

Röbäcksdalen Research Station and Röbäcksdalens Research dairy farm

We carry out research and monitoring in a variety of areas such as agricultural science, ecology, climatology, phenology, geochemistry, biology, agroecology, soil science, animal science, food

More about SITES

The infrastructure at Röbäcksdalen has excellent conditions for teaching, research, and applied studies in crop production, soil science, climate studies, feeding of forages, and ecosystem studies in

DT at Global Food conference

Drylands Transform had been accepted for a poster presentation at the 2024 Global Food Security Conference in Leuven, Belgium. Ingrid Öborn was there presenting the project objectives and preliminary

Diss Rafaelle Reumaux

Constraints and opportunities for organic crop production in areas of high agricultural productivity charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Rafaelle Reumaux defends her thesis "Constraints and opportunities

Lövsta Field Research Station

SLU Lövsta Field Research Station runs about 70 agricultural field trials in the Uppsala area. Many of the trials are connected to research projects at SLU, but we also welcome external missions. We

The depths of ecological dynamics and the ethics of citizen science

lisa.beste@slu.se Please be welcome to the Crop Production Ecology Seminar on the 16th of May at 15.00. Please take note that this seminar will be in F-salen at the Ecology Centre. As usual you can

Other activities

Our activities include seminars, workshops and field trips that aim to enrich our students knowledge and promote networking with other researchers, society and industry. We have joint activities with

Advancements in digital agriculture - artificial intelligence in practice

lisa.beste@slu.se You are most welcome to attend the seminar by Abozar Nasirahmadi, on Friday the 3rd of May at 10.00 in Tammsalen at the Ecology Centre in Ultuna or via Zoom. Abozar is a new