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SLU Breeding Network

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Call for internships at breeding companies SLU Breeding Network welcomes master and PhD-students at SLU to apply for funding to do an internship at a plant or animal breeding company during September

Apply for money

Are you working in breeding research at SLU and want to apply for money? Funds for internships at breeding companies The SLU Breeding Network will sponsor as many applicants as are eligible on a


Welcome to register to our sending list for our newsletter, which is coming out 2-4 times/year with information on activities within breeding and a focus to SLU. Send an email to anneli.adler@slu.se

Registration Agri4D

On 26-28 September, the Agri4D 2023 conference will gather people dedicated to agriculture for development from across the world. The focus of this year’s conference is how we can shape sustainable

SLU Breeding Network

SLU Breeding Network is a collaboration between all four faculties at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and aims to strengthen and display current research in the field of breeding at SLU

Courses for PhD-students and postdocs

The SLU Breeding Network organizes or supports 1-2 courses per year for PhD students and postdocs and, if space permits, also for other SLU researchers. The courses are held online or they alternate


Novel Methods for Resistance Breeding in Winter Wheat lotta.malmborg@slu.se Mustafa Zakieh, department of Plant Protection, defends the thesis "Novel Methods for Resistance Breeding in Winter Wheat

Symposium dedicated to millets

Symposium dedicated to millets malin.planting@slu.se The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2023 the International year of millets: "Millets are among the first plants to be domesticated


Developing affordable high-throughput plant phenotyping methods for breeding of cereals and tuber crops lotta.malmborg@slu.se Fernanda Leiva, department of Plant Breeding, defends her thesis "


Wheat quality under a climate spell : a focus on protein, physico-chemical and growth characteristics evaluated by innovatively combined approaches lotta.malmborg@slu.se Sbatie Lama, department of

Diss Jonas Skytte af Sätra

Apple genomics for the Swedish breeding programme lotta.malmborg@slu.se Jonas Skytte af Sätra, Department of Plant Breeding, defends his thesis "Apple genomics for the Swedish breeding programme".

Scientists crack the genetic code of the largest European freshwater fish, wels catfish

SLU scientists together with Estonian and Czech researchers assembled and annotated the genome of Europe's largest freshwater fish, the wels catfish. By unravelling the genetic code of catfish,