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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Nordic network for applied remote sensing in agriculture

The Nordic Network for Applied Remote Sensing in Agriculture (NNARSA) has a focus on the use of remote sensing in the context of Nordic agriculture and agronomy.

Spectral image over a field. Spectral photo.

Remote sensing of agriculture

Remote sensing encompasses various tools from satellites to drones and tractors mounted spectrometers that study the interaction of lights with objects, such as the canopy of a field, and provide objective information on this object. Using appropriate mathematical tools, this information can be used to estimate properties, such as e.g. the above ground biomass of a field, the protein concentration of a plant, or classify objects, such as e.g. grass and clover in a drone image.

The aims of this group are (1) to facilitate collaborations between academics, (2) to promote Nordic agriculture and (3) to develop remote-sensing-based tools for farmers and advisors.