Last changed: 08 November 2023
A red tractor transports an orange bag in an arable field

Biochar and smallholder farmers in Kenya. Contact: Cecilia Sundberg.

Biochar as a metal trap in soil – mechanisms, modelling and ageing. VR-project (Swedish Research Council), 2021- 2025. PI: Carin Sjöstedt.

On-farm biochar filters for removal of organic micropollutants from reclaimed water for agricultural irrigation (Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning). PI: Oksana Golovko.

Phosphorus availability in sludge and sludge biochar. Development project funded by Svensk Vatten, 2023-2028. 

Iron-rich biochar from residues such as slow-acting fertilizers and for faster decomposition of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Formas' project, 2023-2025 

Treatment of low-contaminated soil with biochar produced from organic waste for sustainable resource use and circular economy (BALANCE). 

Biochar Stability: supporting transparent & reliable carbon removal. Research Project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency 2022-2025. PI: Cecilia Sundberg.

Reducing pesticide transport from agricultural drainage systems using biochar filters. Project funded by FOMA SLU. PI: Alina Koch.